Oppo Find X5 Pro poses for the camera with reflective back

22 January 2022
It's rumored to go official in late February.

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  • Anonymous

We hate these nasty camera bumps. Make the phone thicker with no bump. Please 🙏🙏🙏

Let it be ugly, I don't care about the look. All what I want is a phone with Dimensity 9000 (full featured without cut, WiFi 6E, BT5.3, triple bands for every gnss and navic etc..) that's all what I'm asking.

Kim Kon Toll, 22 Jan 2022looks like a deformed find x3yeahh...it seems like a deformed phone due to a microwave oven radiation!!!!!!

Strong contender for ugliest phone with their own op10

  • Kim Kon Toll

looks like a deformed find x3

  • Anonymous

Find F3 had interesting camera island with its rounded square array and sloping sides that blend into the back. This one just looks like it partially melted on one edge. Not a big fan of it.

AngryLithuanian, 22 Jan 2022And what's wrong with that? It's a signature desi... moreSamung changes its design year after year in the high range, Apple well, Apple is Apple without more... this ugly thing is just as ugly as the previous one, not to mention that they only looked for the design of the iPhone 11 and the Galaxy s20 ultra and they brought out this thing... Stop being such brand fanboys that's why you do these things!

I have a black Huawei P40 Pro. It has a reflective finish as well. I can easily use it to take selfies with the back camera. Huawei did it first.

  • AngryLithuanian

DMX, 22 Jan 2022It is practically the same as the previous model, wtf Oppo?And what's wrong with that? It's a signature design that makes Oppo stand out. People now starting to recognise Oppo brand because of this design and it makes sense to stick to it. Just like Apple or Samsung does with their flagships for years.

Fingerprint magnet :)

  • Tvybynu

Non symmetrical things creeps me out

Beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder, because this design is everything but beautiful to me.

It is practically the same as the previous model, wtf Oppo?

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2022Glossy again 🙄 and in UK we only get glossy black model lik... moreAnd no periscope again

  • Ggg

This phone is so Beautiful 😍

There is a matt purple right?

  • AnonD-1035148

Camera is melting

  • Anonymous

Glossy again 🙄 and in UK we only get glossy black model like last year. Come on Oppo


  • Anonymous

Reminds me the glass of htc u11