Redmi Note 11 Pro and Pro 5G unveiled with 120Hz OLED displays, 108MP cameras

26 January 2022
The 4G model uses a Helio G96 chipset, the 5G one goes for the Snapdragon 695. Chips aside, the two are quite similar.

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Cyberchum, 28 Jan 2022I couldn't find it in the local market in Nigeria. I h... moreIf the Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G won't sell in KSA soon, I will settle for the more expensive 11T pro. Yes the 11T pro offers more for the price but I do nto need all that fanciness.

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    • Dk7
    • 03 Feb 2022

    How to clear catche at onece of redmi mobiles now days

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      • Latu moni gogoi
      • YQ5
      • 30 Jan 2022

      Nice mobile.

        Anonymous, 27 Jan 2022I had the same issue with Redmi Note 7 Pro. Got it fixed wi... moreI couldn't find it in the local market in Nigeria. I had to order for it from a Nigerian e-Market (jumia) for roughly $12 (incl. shipping). Paid a repair guy ~$2 for the swap. From experience so far, the battery isn't as strong as the original one, but it's manageable.

          Sd 870, 28 Jan 2022Guys we cant have 870/860 +5G +108cam + 67Wcharging at dirt... more

          You think they wont fit in the price?? LOL. Go read that first so you can understand how each component costs. As you can see, the amazing camera and CPU of the iPhone 12 costs a grand total of 47 dollars!!!! A 778G+108mp HM2 would obviously be cheaper than that lol since they are both weaker than those parts.

          So yes, its financially possible to fit a 778G+108mp HM2 in or under 320 dollars on a Note 11 Pro. Heck, Realme already has a 778G+64MP+120hz AMOLED at 296 Dollars. We dont even need the 67W charging, 33W is already too good when other companies can only do 15W or 25W lol. The only reason Xiaomi didn't do it is because they want to increase their profit margins while scamming people into buying their horrible Note 11 Phones which were overhyped by the success of the last gen Note 10 Phones.

            Download Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Wallpapers full resolution (FHD+)

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              • 7kd
              • 28 Jan 2022

              Guys we cant have 870/860 +5G +108cam + 67Wcharging at dirt cheap 300$.

                Surprised that there are people trying to justify the Note 11 series. Let me tell you, the Note 11 series is literally just a copy pasted Note 10 Series with 1 extra camera removed + downgraded macro + faster charging + horrible cpu choices + shared sim instead of dual sim in the N10Pro. Realme is already sporting 778G phones at 300 dollars. Using a 695 as the chip for the best Note 11 phone is hilarious at 300 dollars.

                What should have happened, give the 695 to the normal Note 11 Pro and replace the crappy G96. Rename the Note 11 Pro 5G to Note 11 Pro Max and give it the 778G to replace the 695. There, you get 2 amazing Note 11 phones with upgraded performance compared to the last gen while maintaining the rest of the feartures. This is what you call a PROPER SUCESSOR.

                  Flippant-weirdo, 27 Jan 2022They aren't..... Where are you getting your info????..... moreThere are bigger problems in the G96 in addition to the 12nm process bro. Helio cpus have hilariously bad ROM support. So the Note 11 Pro gets downgraded power efficiency due to the 12nm and downgraded ROM support.

                    Flippant-weirdo, 27 Jan 2022Yo..... It is a big upgrade over 732g.......the 695 is bett... moreSo what does the 765G have to do with this? Lol. What Im saying is that this phone deserves a 778G, which obviously outclasses the 695. Before you complain that itll be too expensive, the X3 Pro and F3 pack SD860 and SD870 chips for a cheap price. Also, in benchmarks, the 695 is only a measly 3-5% faster in CPU vs the 732G in Geekbench, and you gotta remember, the 732G is just an overclocked 730 which is 3 years old at this point. Lol

                      Flippant-weirdo, 27 Jan 2022You want a 778g and expect a low price too..... Hilarious 😒*Stares at POCO F3 and X3 Pro with their flagship level SD870 and SD860. Yeah sure bro lol. If they can make an SD860 fit for under 250 dollars in the X3 Pro, and 870 fit under 320 dollars then the 778G would make sense at a 270-300 Dollars for the Note 11 Pro phones lol.

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                        • 27 Jan 2022

                        I wouldn't buy any if this shit

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                          • 27 Jan 2022

                          Holly Molly there is a JACK ! :O

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                            • 27 Jan 2022

                            As a Xiaomi fan dissapointed with this Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 series. Only the vanila Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 looks like a good deal. Mediatek Helio G96 has a worse GPU than the Mediatek Helio G90T which is in the Redmi Note 8 Pro. No 4K recording is also the other biggest fail of these devices. Are you guys crazy? Redmi Note 8 also had 4k 2 and a half years ago. Now you are releasing no 4k even in the Pro varient🤣🤣🤣
                            Such a joke. RIP Xiaomi Redmi Note series.
                            Not expected to be like Oneplus.😐

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                              • 27 Jan 2022

                              sergawey, 27 Jan 2022I'd rather buy a POCO X3 Pro than this overpriced trashN10 battery frustrating. I never expected that

                                I'd rather buy a POCO X3 Pro than this overpriced trash

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                                  • DkS
                                  • 27 Jan 2022

                                  120 hz is bogus claim by xiomi.. In my redmi note 10 pro it is not as smooth as other brands... And camera claim aslo bogus..not as per advertisement they shown. Coz images are blur , when I tried to click some article from news paper. In moving train..

                                    The only problem is lack of 4k recording 😢

                                      69GigawattCharging, 26 Jan 2022Yes, the 695 is more powerful, but its not powerful enough ... moreYou want a 778g and expect a low price too..... Hilarious 😒

                                        69GigawattCharging, 26 Jan 2022Yes, the 695 is more powerful, but its not powerful enough ... moreYo..... It is a big upgrade over 732g.......the 695 is better than 765g so what are you saying????