Redmi Note 11 Pro and Pro 5G unveiled with 120Hz OLED displays, 108MP cameras

26 January 2022
The 4G model uses a Helio G96 chipset, the 5G one goes for the Snapdragon 695. Chips aside, the two are quite similar.

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Law, 27 Jan 2022SD680, SD696 and G96 LOL awful! Worse than phones released ... moreThey aren't..... Where are you getting your info????..... Sd695g is better than sd 765g....... The problem with the helio g96 is the old 12nm process..... The sd680 serves its purpose nothing more...... Perfect in my opinion

  • Anonymous

zillion, 27 Jan 2022The article doesn't mention about stereo speaker have ... moreI am also interested in this, are new Redmi note 11 series JBL tuned?

It is not worth to upgrade from Note 10 series, better wait for 12, only if need to buy new phone.

Maybe new Realme 9 series to look on. And some Hood LCD panel.

  • Anonymous

Redmi becoming premium y'all with this price hike
No longer budget king

  • Pep

While the Poco division still doing good but not better... It seems something wrong with the Redmi division.. common Redmi what's with this blatantly downgrade

  • Kim

Really I respect this is company

Sounds like some of these would be more at home in the Poco budget 'M' sector.

How can they sell a phone in the west (especially with 64 GB storage) at that price in 2022?

...and 128 GB at that price in the Pro variants?

Massively overpriced in each tier IMHO.

I know that there are supply chain issues and inflation is rising, but still....

  • Law

SD680, SD696 and G96 LOL awful! Worse than phones released 2 years ago! No thanks.

  • Anonymous

too expensive and under specced. wait another 6 months for Redmi Note 12 5G.......hope that does not disappoint !!!!

  • Anonymous

d i s a p p o i n t i n g .

  • Anonymous

Cyberchum, 26 Jan 2022I'm not going to judge with just my experience, but th... moreI had the same issue with Redmi Note 7 Pro. Got it fixed with local mobile repair shop (not the mi official one) in 5$ (350 INR) within 30 minutes.

The article doesn't mention about stereo speaker have been tuned by JBL like redmi note 11 pro(+) chinese version. So the global variant just have a regular stereo speaker like redmi note 10 pro? Confusing...

  • Anonymous

$380 ($8/128 GB) for Pro 5G, ridiculous price for this spec. Wonder how soon xiaomi will start price cuts

  • Shaun

rizki1, 26 Jan 2022too bad Note pro series are touching over $300 now.. I doub... moreMaybe you should wait for the Poco X4 series. They could be better than Xiaomi...

69GigawattCharging, 26 Jan 2022Yes, the 695 is more powerful, but its not powerful enough ... moreI think they try to diverse the product here. they use moderate chipset, and reserved for poco phone with great chipset, example: poco X3 Pro, X3GT, and F3.
but I agree G96 it is worse than 732. I prefer Snapdragon Redmi than MTK

  • Anonymous

Made for the people who can't afford S888 phones .

Made for who are poor

Made for basic users

  • Anonymous

Note 10 Pro a better buy.

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2022Stop spreading lies. Xiaomi batteries are fine and aren... moreI'm not going to judge with just my experience, but the battery of my Redmi Note 7 bought in September 2019 crapped out this January. Only way to prevent it from shutting down on its own is putting it on airplane mode. Else, to use it, charger must be plugged in.

I ordered a replacement battery (I seriously doubt it's original, though) for $12, which arrived yesterday. Will swap it tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

This happen when you don't want ads in their os so another complain?

Mike, 26 Jan 2022Why is weveryone talking about batteries when the video is ... moreJust checked xiaomi's official page and it's really 1080p video. Shocking that they'll do that. Can't the G96 record 4k? It makes no sense...

I imported Mi 11 Lite 5G (8+128) from China, 3 months ago, for a combined sum of ~$370, incl. shipping and 50W charger—as there's no in-box charger in China variant. Aside from camera and battery, it trounces these two phones in all ramifications.

And, what's that with android 11? Not in the market for phone, but oh boy, if I were, nothing would make me get these, definitely not close to these prices. Any new phone with more than a year old (outdated) OS should be priced as a one-year-old phone. Three months after the release of Android 12, Xiaomi is releasing a phone with Android 11. Gtfo!