Huawei P50 Pro and P50 Pocket global rollout officially starts

26 January 2022
Both smartphones are powered by 4G versions of the Snapdragon 888.

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Great phone but sad about the price. I wish it was below €1000.

nice phone

Are GMS back or still missing?

  • Indian

Hats Off P series Smartphone Designers. #Ultimate#Luxury Designs each Time.

  • BreizhelDad

The 4G vs 5G is limited by physical parts inside the pone, or could it be made available later if ever the situation changes? Layman's question, but it helps considering the phone differently...

  • Anonymous

It's funny how everyone screams how Android is open and free and there is no monopoly because anyone can use anything on any Android phone. Remove Google stuff from it and suddenly, phones become very expensive paperweights... totally no monopoly there...

  • ThickHairXi

who the fck in their right mind will pay extra for Chinese smartphone with no GMS and old SoC, it's better to buy Apple or Samsung flagship, and they'll cost lower.

They are just milking the brand at this point. The s21 ultra will cost less in 2 weeks. No 5g, no gms, old soc.

Yeah it will a great camera system but it will be easily beaten by 2022 phones. 2021 phones might already toped them.

  • Anonymous

Shame the price of these gone way over priced plus no more google market and inhouse market that is so bad.