Flashback: the Sony Xperia X series left us feeling like something was missing

20 February 2022
The original trio from early 2016 left us scratching our heads - where is the Premium model? The compact model?

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  • 25 Apr 2022

Still has this phone, my son use it as main phone.
Still work without problems , only replaced charge connector

    I *still* use a XZ1... would like this article to continue down that line...

      jijo, 22 Feb 2022To be honest, Sony got every resources to become a stro... moreIts pure lazyness....

        Sony, as always, is still ``slightly behind`` all the others manufacturers. They used to be leaders in many fields with their products but since the late 1990`s, they have lost their edge. Lack of consistency, support and very bad marketing are to blame as well as incompetent management at the top have compromised Sony`s image . Too bad..

          Now they leave customers feeling like a lot is missing. The Xperia 1/5/10 III series had so much potential with the new chipset but Sony used none of it. It debuted with random kernel panics until a patch fixed it much later. There's more software throttling than cooling on the CPU. Sony didn't bother activating SA 5G or any making sure it worked with telcos. It comes with an LED flashlight outdone by any free "penlight."

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            • 23 Feb 2022

            jijo, 22 Feb 2022To be honest, Sony got every resources to become a stro... moresony mobile is no longer a japanese brand ... it's a chinese one now as moto mobile (owned by lenovo)

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              • 22 Feb 2022

              To be honest,

              Sony got every resources to become a stronger phone brand again, but they stick with some policy/etics/lazy to do so.

              I loved their Z series, Z5 lasted 5 years without any problems but accidentally slipped it into diesel and a year later I used it underwater (forgot the fact diesel melted the waterproof seal)

              They're still keeping 3.5mm jack, microsd slot, notification lights. But lagging behind competition for no reason.

              Launching new models just to show us they're still in smartphone business (surprisingly they are making profit again for past couple of years from smartphone division)

              LG left. Moto almost dead. Only some Chinese brands remains.
              Apple and Samsung are leading..

              Why Sony is not interested to become a strong competitor?

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                • 22 Feb 2022

                SEUL8TR, 22 Feb 2022i still have my xzp premium in chrome and black z5, whi... moreand i still have all the xperias i bought...
                miro, my first android smartphone still works, now limited as a music player and backup for sms and calls...
                z1 compact, started having bad batteries in 2020 but still works, ofc just too short of battery life...
                z3 is still good too... display is still awesome despite being an ips lcd...
                z5 premium is still great too, was my work phone until i upgraded to 1ii in 2020...
                xz2 compact, my current personal phone, replacing z1 compact...
                1ii, current work phone... i guess, the next upgrade would be 1v...
                as for personal phone, i will not replace it as long as it does the job, it do not need it to have software updates too... just need that on my work phone...

                  I have X Performance, comfortable in grip...

                    i still have my
                    xzp premium in chrome and black
                    z5, white and yellow
                    xz1c , black and silver

                      I agree the X series was very odd. But the birth of the XZ made up for it. Then they lost it again with the XZ2 - Xperia 1. Since the 1 II I'd say went back to their roots. I'm loving the 1 III but refuse to update it to Android 12.

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                        • 21 Feb 2022

                        Little Penguin , 20 Feb 2022I love the fact people here that demand all brands to offer... moreNew androids are much smarter. Stop telling me tales.

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                          • 21 Feb 2022

                          Yay. Found one of those bloggers who perpetuated the idea of plastic =/= premium.

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                            • 21 Feb 2022

                            great, it should be full display and punch hole camera or water drop

                              dbjungle, 21 Feb 2022One thing the X and X Performance had that those other phon... morethat's not the big deal, FP is still FP and the position is that no one complains.

                                Little Penguin , 20 Feb 2022I love the fact people here that demand all brands to offer... moreI disagree about 5-6 years. I think when some significant change happens a new version is fine. To play along for a second... When a new version of Windows comes out, you don't have to buy a new PC to get it. I was running Windows 11 without doing anything special on a 2015 laptop. When a new version of Android comes out you will usually need to buy a new phone if it's been longer than 2 years for flagships. It's roulette with non flagship phones. Personally I'd rather buy a mid range phone more often than keeping a flagship for 2 or 3 years. Flagships are not 2 or 3 times more functional and the prices have gone absolutely crazy.

                                  Anonymous, 20 Feb 2022The Xperia phones are nice, just the price is somewhat high... moreYou called it. I ended up buying most a year after release and I liked them, but the pricing model eventually put me off and I went with Xiaomi for a while. Now I feel the Pixel A phones are the best value even if they are plastic AF.

                                    Shui8, 20 Feb 2022The X Performance are the reason I left Sony Xperia for goo... moreI really wanted a P40, but was put off by the price and lack of Google Apps. I went with a Mi 9 SE, but I have converted to Pixel A full time since then.

                                      Anonymous, 20 Feb 2022Stop with this BS of saying phones that have hardware that ... moreThat's simply not true. The iPhone 12 BOM was $431 which was up a whopping 20-something percent over the iPhone 11. If you were to compare that to the Mi 11 and Mi 10 I highly doubt it could be that far off. Xiaomi is simply choosing to charge less than Apple. Considering their market position at the time it was a good idea. Sony chose to charge a lot everytime. Considering their market position compared to Apple or Samsung it was probably a really bad idea. Sony returned to profitability by increasing their margins, but in return lost nearly all of their market share. Now the most anyone has to say about Sony's smartphone division is to argue on GSM Arena about why they failed.

                                        Boriseto, 20 Feb 2022I used the X until this summer without any hiccups. I even ... moreYou didn't have any hardware faults? I had 2 Xperia X phones and both had different hardware faults. I loved their Android 7 beta ROM. That was the best software experience I've ever had on a non Google phone.