Another Motorola ZN5 review pops up

24 June, 2008
A lot of people got their hands on the Motorola ZN5 long before it was announced but those were all beta handsets that might have had a few issues now and then. Now that the 5 megapixel...

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  • Anonymous

I own a ZN5 set, and i have an issue with the videos. I am not able to play the .3gp videos with high resolution or fps. Is there any way to convert these videos to lower resolution or fps ???

  • ???

jjsoviet, 25 Jun 2008Can't you read even a simple review? Have you lost your com... moreteheres a reason why motorola bought into a joint venture into symbian

  • Anonymous

Look this link about Motorola ZN5 High Quality Camera ( ). Don't says bias. Don't says that photoshop. Don't says any silly excuse.

  • Anonymous

Joe, 27 Jun 2008The ZN5 will be released on September. I also read somewher... moreyeah, the ZN5 will be releases in September for the taiwanese market.

You are the only one here that says that the 8MP one will be released in October. I think where ever you read that news from that says 'release in October' is actually 'will be announced in October' just like how GSMArena use the word release when its actually just being announced. But I hope the 8MP one does get released in October though.

  • Anonymous

although it is only a beta unit, the photos seem awfully noisy... hopefully this will be fixed

  • Joe

Anonymous, 27 Jun 2008The ZN5 is going to be released worldwide around October so... moreThe ZN5 will be released on September. I also read somewhere that an 8megapix will be released around October.

  • Anonymous

omg, the best ph i ever seen . :P joking yeah

  • Anonymous

Fakuryu, 26 Jun 2008The good thing about the ZN5 is that it is not moto's flags... moreThe ZN5 is going to be released worldwide around October so how can you say that the 8mp moto is going to be released around the same time when its not even officially anounced yet?

  • Fakuryu

The good thing about the ZN5 is that it is not moto's flagship phone. They will make an 8mp phone and should be out this October w/c looks like my next phone.

  • Rgb

Linux 3G Devices exist. Look in the page off LiMo(linux Foundation)-> Handsets. Ex: NTT DoCoMo FOMA™ 905iµ (by NEC).
I don't know, but a version 3G isn't a dream.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Jun 2008Morotola using KODAK camera, Nokia using Carzl zeiss optic... moreAren't all top brands using CMOS SENSOR for their camera phone?

And what "high class" phone are you talking about?

  • Anonymous

feature phones are now hitting a high, the C905 is 8mo with wifi and gps, the ZN5's a 5mp with wifi too....and neither are smartphones....

  • Anonymous

i saw motorola website say that -5 megapixels KODAK Camera,

if motorola just put a KODAK "software" into the phone withoust any hardware of camera,

then this phone are 100% same as Cyber-shot series phone- A PROGRAM PHONE

  • Hello moto

first of all N95 and N82 both are smart phone with 5MP camera and it is not a dedicated camera phone but still does a good job unlike SE cyber-shot Moto ZN5 which are dedicated camera phone but nowhere closer to a standalone camera People saying N95 looser may be living in sahara desert N95 Sales where higher than iphone moto present at this time by the way i love Moto as much as SE, Nokia, Samsung etc each brand have some good thing and some bad just happy to see Moto back in action.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Jun 2008Morotola using KODAK camera, Nokia using Carzl zeiss optic... moreI don't believe ZN5 uses Kodak camera. The optic comes from Carl-Zeiss according to some reviews. But Kodak helps with Image processing technology and all the software stuff.

  • aaa

the zn5 looks to be a pretty little number and lets hope that the camera lives up to the kodak name

  • jjsoviet

Anonymous, 26 Jun 20082008. . . No 3G. .. Why bother with this??Why?

1. The ZN5 is targeted mainly to Asian markets where 3G is not that popular, as of now (except the Philippines maybe)
2. The Linux-Java OS cannot support 3G, but it's better than having to stick with the old Synergy and the difficult Symbian UIQ.

  • Anonymous

2008. . . No 3G. .. Why bother with this??

  • Anonymous

Morotola using KODAK camera,
Nokia using Carzl zeiss optics + tessar lens
LG using Schneider-KREUZNACH,
SAMSUNG using their own camera
and the last one...the original one,same as the camera phone(clone phone) at china therie-THE CMOS SENOR,the most worst camera phone in world-SE
i would like to see Motorola+Nokia+LG+Samsung camera phone compare together...

but please throw out the CMOS SENSOR CAMERA PHONE PUT!!!~! such a low quality camera compare to those high class...Shame On the FACTORY

  • Anonymous

man this will never end.....every phone that comes out weather it be Nokia, SE, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Apple, 5mp, 8mp, 12mp,1mp....whatever...their will be a bunch of people saying its ugly, than a bunch being diehard fans defending the phone with their life even if it is crap....than a bunch of people saying some other brand is better......than a few idiots just saying weird crap which noone understands....thats it man, what the hell these "phones" with all these features is supposed to be fun and all, you know make life better....but all we do is insult one another........later guys...

i'm 17