Another Motorola ZN5 review pops up

24 June, 2008

A lot of people got their hands on the Motorola ZN5 long before it was announced but those were all beta handsets that might have had a few issues now and then. Now that the 5 megapixel shooter was officially unveiled the real life performance of the handset deserves more attention.

The guys at ePrice who attended the Motorola ZN5 announcement event, managed to get their hands on one of the units for a quick preview. In addition to their first impressions of the ergonomics of the device they have also published a bunch of screenshots and some sample photos from the 5 megapixel camera.

The news coming from the preview concerns the availability of the ZN5. The handset is expected to hit the Taiwanese market in September, retailing at 320 euro (510 US dollars). It's expected later on on other markets.

However it doesn't get clear if the final version of ZN5 will feature image capturing in RAW mode. The beta units of the handset that leaked earlier all used to have it but user reports have been coming in since the official announcement stating the opposite.

Here is a quick selection of photos from the review for you to enjoy.

Motorola ZN5 Motorola ZN5 Motorola ZN5 Motorola ZN5

Motorola ZN5 Motorola ZN5 Motorola ZN5 Motorola ZN5

Here are also a few camera sample photos:

Motorola ZN5 Motorola ZN5 Motorola ZN5 Motorola ZN5


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

I own a ZN5 set, and i have an issue with the videos. I am not able to play the .3gp videos with high resolution or fps. Is there any way to convert these videos to lower resolution or fps ???

  • ???

teheres a reason why motorola bought into a joint venture into symbian

  • Anonymous

Look this link about Motorola ZN5 High Quality Camera ( ). Don't says bias. Don't says that photoshop. Don't says any silly excuse.

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