Samsung Galaxy A13 and A23 unveiled with 6.6" FHD+ displays and 50MP cameras

04 March 2022
The two devices are quite similar to each other. The A13 is a 4G phone and changes quite a bit from the Galaxy A13 5G.

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  • AnonD-1018516
  • fDb
  • 04 Mar 2022

The update is minor, but at least it's somewhat good to be honest, like the increasing of fast charging rate, and the appearance of Gorrila Glass 5, or the 1080p resolution which should work perfectly fine on the A23 but I'm kinda worried about the A13 since the chipset is OK but somewhat underpowered for the resolution. But after all, for a brand like Samsung, this is acceptable to be honest.

    The A23 4G's chipset has been downgraded from the A22 4G's Cortex-A75-based Helio G80 to the Cortex-A73-based Snapdragon 680. It's very unlikely to see better performance in the A23 4G, but maybe I can be wrong.

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      • Chixby
      • IYB
      • 04 Mar 2022

      A23 is a complete downgrade

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        • cyber
        • S2D
        • 04 Mar 2022

        a23 got downgraded badly

          when the 4/64gb A13 costs as much as a 8/256gb SD 860 phone 💀

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            • funkyboj
            • T4a
            • 04 Mar 2022

            lol, demoted from Amoled to LCD is enjoying less competition mostly due to huawei US ban stuff... bad for us the customers

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              • Magnificent Suleiman
              • PH@
              • 04 Mar 2022

              A13 with that 1080p display and such weak SoC looks particularly bad. I expect lots of people will complain from lack of performance

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                • n7D
                • 04 Mar 2022

                Not worth it.

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                  • fCC
                  • 04 Mar 2022

                  Just another brick. Big and boring

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                    • JT5
                    • 04 Mar 2022

                    More downgrades? LOL ....

                    Samsung thinks that performing downgrades is gonna match the profits earned by Apple?