Nokia Supernova 7610, 7510, 7310 and 7210 get officially announced

27 June, 2008
Today Nokia unveiled its newest style-oriented lineup of phones. The Supernova collection has hardly been the industry's best kept secret (one of the devices is...

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  • asish

my nokia supernova 7210 still working, i loved it, i miss my stolen sumsung GTI8552,

  • Anonymous

My nokia 7210 supernova is not working from yesterday what can i do to start the mobile?

  • Anonymous

nokia super nova 7310 is marvlleous phone i had used in life

  • A JHA

Nokia 7210 supernova is a very gud phone

  • pankaj

nice phone............

  • sujan

it is very nice to see .

  • kulla

smart & simple

  • Bhupi

what nokia7510 supernova suport 4GB memory card

  • roshan

nilesh, 12 Sep 2009the camera quality is very good,ya .., ur rite

  • Nikill

NIce & good

  • shyam

this mobile is very nice for leastening music,everything is superb

  • God's delight

i wish to have 7210 but it seems it has been faced out of production

  • indy

nokia 7310, 05 Aug 2009nokia 7310 sucks, the keyboard always breaks and it costs a... moreyeah thats true, the 7 , 8 and 9 broke last day. that really sucks.

  • Anonymous

nokia super nova mobiles look cute and are 4 teenagers i m going to take 7210 supernova a nice mobile i hope so otherwise which other nokia mobile should i go on 4 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help

  • Pharmg543

Very nice site!

  • Khushboo

I dont know why ramesh wants to change the quality and want to make it a mans hand set,its a girl world now,let it be like it is we love nokia 7610

  • Khushboo

Its a beautiful handset made for beautiful girls like us

  • rajarajan

it's a good looking and smart mobile for people who needs a phone with "smartness and more facilities"..

  • haha

poda its nice to hear

  • aaa

nokia supernova 7210 is cool but there are troubles with camera and usb connection.