Samsung Galaxy M13 5G's design revealed through leaked images

06 April 2022
It reportedly entered production in India last month.

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  • 3Sq
  • 26 May 2022

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2022Samsung new Xiaomi. Every day a new phone with no difference.Still no Galaxy M13?

    haha iphone 11 camera island

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      • MWf
      • 06 Apr 2022

      Samsung new Xiaomi. Every day a new phone with no difference.

        • Yext
        • 6mM
        • 06 Apr 2022

        After the A53 now another downgrade from Scamsung, amazing, can't wait for it to be 250€ and sell really really well.

          I guess this could still turn out to be a version of the A13 5G, just without the rear third camera. The two cameras and flash seem to line up with what they look like on the A13.

            It's not so special in the design of Samsung's Galaxy M13 5G, but it's simple nonetheless - Avi Kerendian