OnePlus Ace specs and images surface

09 April 2022
It will come with Dimensity 8100 SoC and 150W charging.

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Shadocx, 09 Apr 2022The display seems to be the same, battery size difference i... moreBut it's not REBRANDED rebranding means everything is same except slight design change and different name on back of the phone... like poco M4 pro and Redmi note 11 pro... those are rebranded....
Slight changes in components are still changes so it isn't the same...

    BrianCoriour, 09 Apr 2022Didnt oneplus make oneplus 10 and 9 use oppo's os too.... moreEurope gets them with Oxygen, I think Asia gets ColorOS.

      nanagdad, 10 Apr 2022No thanks. I had a bad experience with OnePlus! Bugs bugs &... moreI don't know what you've used, but my 8T works perfectly fine, no bugs or issues of any kind.

        Reminds me of the biggest piece of garbage phone ever... The Samsung Galaxy Ace. People used to be buy that phone in droves simply because of the brand name.

          Anonymous, 09 Apr 2022You will get the headphone jack with the Samsung, but again... moreFor better games one can get Switch or Deck. For simpler games you don't need "a gaming phone", any phone will do. Any phone with a headphone jack > any phone without a headphone jack.

            Unfortunately. Both this and the fact that most compact phones are not on par to the top ones, eg tge s22 has dreadful battery, the xiaomi 12x doent pack a telephoto or wireless charging or ip rating, the xperia 5iii is so ugly...

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              • 10 Apr 2022

              Brands need to urgently stop making phones only for "reviewers", because they are the only ones get this kind of phones...

              No more people will buy it, and this is valid for Opoo, Xiaomi, Samsung and even Motorola.

              Cause people are buying less phones with lesse frequency because they are almost all the same those days. People know whats worth or not.

              And reviewers/youtubers are dumb people those days, only do content for money and not for trust in words.

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                • 10 Apr 2022

                Yeah.... But it's one plus.... so pass.....

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                  • 10 Apr 2022

                  6.7 inch phone. It seems we are heading towards holding these smartphone by our feet rather than fitting into our palm!!!!

                  What are we trying to achieve by increasing the size of these smartphones!!!


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                    • 10 Apr 2022

                    Xperia, 10 Apr 2022Why isn't anybody talking about D8100. This is 2022 Ch... moreThey already have even better one D9000 in k50 pro phone

                      Reusing the Realme X2 Pro's backplate I see......nice cost cutting

                        Xperia, 10 Apr 2022Why isn't anybody talking about D8100. This is 2022 Ch... moreIt looks good. Personally, I'd rather talk about plain Android and custom ROMs. I'm will to buy an ugly Pixel 6a just to have a small phone without horrible software.

                          Anonymous, 10 Apr 2022 ... moreNo. Oppo might've copied Ace but OnePlus would only be using the Ace branding because they're under the same parent company as Oppo. So they would be copying Oppo. Not directly Samsung.

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                            • 10 Apr 2022

                            Why isn't anybody talking about D8100. This is 2022 Chip to beat. Amazing performance with low temps. Almost beat apple a15.

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                              • 10 Apr 2022

                              Anonymous, 09 Apr 2022What about the OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 8 Pro? Those aren&... moreBefore this, Oneplus did not directly rebadged phones, they more likely to use Oppo and Vivo phones as their references.. the one that actively been directly rebadges oppo phones is REALME

                              Oneplus 8 pro was based on Oppo find x2 pro with slightly different design and camera setup.. OP 7 pro is probably based on some reno or vivo nex.

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                                • 10 Apr 2022


                                Clearly a copy from Samsung and not oppo.

                                  No thanks. I had a bad experience with OnePlus! Bugs bugs & bugs. I'll pass.

                                    Oppo's Ace series has been revived. This looks like being a solid offering from Oneplus. Obviously, their strategy of releasing more and more phones seems to be working for them but optimisation can always take a hit when there are too many models to look after

                                      OnePlus is going down for lack of innovation, heat and unbalanced camera quality and over expensive. So obviously bbk knows it, rebranding is needed to save R&D

                                        At a time when the mobile phone industry is showing less innovation, companies like BBK release more and more phones. I was fine with Realme being the value brand and OnePlus offering the flagships. I was fine with Redmi being the value brand and Xiaomi offering the flagships. But now we have Realme and Redmi phones with the SD888 series chips and phones being released every other day with no significant changes to the specs.