LG V60 ThinQ is now receiving Android 12 in the US

23 April 2022
The dead horse just keeps on giving.

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  • 09 Oct 2022

DL3714, 12 Sep 2022My LGV6 is not connecting to the server. No internet connec... moreSet your apn it will fix your problems.

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    • DL3714
    • rRU
    • 12 Sep 2022

    My LGV6 is not connecting to the server. No internet connection. Cannot use on wi-fi either. The phone is only 2 years old. I feel like I’ve been cheated buying a phone only to be told afterwards that it’s not being supported.

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      • 16 Aug 2022

      If anyone have v60 please switch the Lg keyboard with other app. My second screen having a glich and sometime swich off. After disable the lg keyboard, its back to normal. Hope lg fix this bug

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        • Argamemnon
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        • 14 Aug 2022

        Anonymous, 24 Apr 2022LG releases a competent phone with a dual screen case: It&#... moreAfter my V60, I'm sadly going into the Apple Ecosystem. That's because Samsung is really disappointing, being the next "best" thing withing the Android space. Very sad indeed!

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          • ItsMeZed
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          • 17 Jul 2022

          I just got an unlocked -- formerly T-Mobile -- V60 ThinQ, and I'm stuck on Android 11. At least there was a security update.

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            • v@H
            • 28 Jun 2022

            Anonymous, 03 Jun 2022Same... Have an g8 thinqDo you have G8 ThinQ or G8X ThinQ ?

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              • 09 Jun 2022

              Anonymous, 18 May 2022No it they not update the dual screen case. Actually... M... moreIt's the usb c port that's having issues connecting with the dual-screen case. I've had that issue from removing the case multiple times, it pulls on the USB port. a simple solution I've done was putting a card under the phone near the port and that solved my issue

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                • 03 Jun 2022

                ignonymous, 31 May 2022My V60 was updated to Android 12 a few weeks ago. Since the... moreSame... Have an g8 thinq

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                  • 31 May 2022

                  My V60 was updated to Android 12 a few weeks ago. Since the update I have issues receiving some, but not all, multimedia messages while on wifi. I get "unreceived message" alert and have to turn off wifi and download it almost every time. Very disappointing for such a good phone. T-Mobile was of no help with this issue.

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                    • jSH
                    • 18 May 2022

                    Anonymous, 23 Apr 2022Anyone know if the dual screen devices from LG will get And... moreNo it they not update the dual screen case.
                    My dual screen case started blinking out & going green,before & after the update(more so afterwards).
                    I thought all of that should've been addressed,with the update(android 12 took long enough to come out,no one checked for bugs with the dual screen case?)...
                    So are they updating phones & not the go along accessories..?
                    Because if so...
                    I'll feel cheated.
                    Cheated out of money & worst of all the LG V (because i wanted a dual screen case,since i saw the V-50 case)series experience(the only V-phone i didn't have was the V-50,because that was a Sprint phone).

                      my T-Mobile LG V60 just got upgraded to android 12. it works smoother. yet the problem of autofocus in camera persist. and default gallery still likes to works ages when listing and displaying images. as for the battery it can last about over 9.5 hours from 100% (i works with my phone many times in a single day)

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                        • q8Q
                        • 05 May 2022

                        Anonymous, 05 May 2022Well I see... So the autofocusing issues were blatantly exa... moreWell I don't think it was exaggerated. At least not by most. Every issue is exaggerated a little by some.
                        It did exist. Just maybe not as bad for everyone or not as noticeably for everyone.

                        Yes. LG figured where to very efficiently cut costs on the v60 offering an amazing package at a much lower price for sure.

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                          • 3Ya
                          • 05 May 2022

                          Anonymous, 04 May 2022I had the 20 ultra and knew others with it. Photography is ... moreWell I see... So the autofocusing issues were blatantly exaggerated by the tech media. I did try using an S20 Ultra for its cameras briefly, but didn't show major issues or stuff...

                          And as you said, LG picked function over numbers for the display, FHD 60Hz instead of QHD 120Hz display, and also LG does well with power management tbh.

                          My LG Wing with its "small" 4000mAh battery does a surprisingly great job of lasting throughout the day on a single charge, can stretch even further but still...

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                            • q8Q
                            • 04 May 2022

                            Anonymous, 04 May 2022It was not for "some" models, every S20 Ultra cur... moreI had the 20 ultra and knew others with it. Photography is something I do a lot and I never noticed any major issues.
                            It's not something that severely effected everyone.
                            And I didn't mention about screen quality. Both have amazing quality screens. Just saying one reason the v60 scored better in battery was because Samsung's display was brighter and higher resolution. One reason not the only reason. V60 simply was better in battery

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                              • 3Ya
                              • 04 May 2022

                              Anonymous, 03 May 2022Yeah for some models there was focusing issues. Forgot abou... moreIt was not for "some" models, every S20 Ultra currently in the wild suffers from this issue...
                              And yes, Samsung has a better display, but the LG V60's display quality was close to that of Samsung, while being more efficient in terms of cost and battery...
                              LG ftw 🥳

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                                • rN7
                                • 03 May 2022

                                Anonymous, 02 May 2022As for the cameras... Yeah sure, S20U had better hardware,... moreYeah for some models there was focusing issues. Forgot about that. Was not so bad for some but was for others.
                                Yeah the difference in battery life is a bit much for same capacity. Though in fairness samsung was running higher brightness and resolution. Which again plays into how lg efficiently cut costs.

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                                  • 02 May 2022

                                  Anonymous, 27 Apr 2022True battery life was somewhat better. Most people don�... moreAs for the cameras...
                                  Yeah sure, S20U had better hardware, software processing and all that, but it had the fatal autofocus flaw, which was so bad that Samsung to this day couldn't fix it completely (or properly at least) with software updates. Meanwhile, LG went with the tried and tested 64MP Dual Pixel PDAF main camera (ironically from Samsung System LSI), which didn't have those AF issues, and yet did a good job.

                                  Battery life was actually a killer feature, and it made MUCH better use of that 5000mAh cell than the S20U did.

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                                    • 27 Apr 2022

                                    Anonymous, 27 Apr 2022And the battery which actually lasted for a day or more, a ... moreTrue battery life was somewhat better.
                                    Most people don't get more than a day out of either if they are average users.
                                    Light users could get a day to two out of either.

                                    Lower price is different. Yes that counts for people but at the same time many parts in it did cost less.
                                    They most definitely did it in a much more efficient way than cr apple, Samsung, or Sony do though that's for sure. But multiple aspects of the display, camera, glass, and different chips were all cheaper.

                                    Camera that's simply not true. The s20 ultra definitely has better overall cameras. And all these phones have done camera and other issues.

                                      I wish LG makes a return, or at least I get one of these masterpieces in India...

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                                        • 3Ya
                                        • 27 Apr 2022

                                        Kuba, 26 Apr 2022Samsung disappointed me with poor battery in S22. i stick t... moreYeah coz the S22 has a 3700mAh battery, whereas the S20 has a proper 4000mAh battery...
                                        Also, imo the Exynos 990 (while not very efficient by any stretch of the imagination), is definitely more efficient than the Exynos 2200 found in the S22.