Mediatek Dimensity 1050 brings mmWave support, Dimensity 930 and Helio G99 tag along

23 May 2022
First phones in the US with the new chip are expected in the next quarter.

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  • 06 Sep 2023

Lucas, 21 Sep 2022WOW! This Mediatek Dimensity 1050 can handle a 144Hz displa... moreAre from another planet.?
Its just a budget chipset & you are reacting like its a flagship?

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    • mZw
    • 25 Jan 2023

    Funny thing is that 930 way faster than 1050 😀 😃 😄 😁 😆 😅 😂 🤣

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      • Lucas
      • ps8
      • 21 Sep 2022

      WOW! This Mediatek Dimensity 1050 can handle a 144Hz display at FHD+, as well as UFS 3.1 storage and LPDDR5 memory, also the heavy gaming.

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        • ajW
        • 17 Jul 2022

        i wish that motorola to make a device with this chipset mediatek g99 or g100 like motorola g60s

          choyph, 21 Jun 2022no and yes. Dimensity 1050 have stronger a78 cpu cores. I h... moreYour point can also apply on the CPU inside the D1050: remember the D1050 has 2x A78 + 6x A55 configuration, versus 4x A76 + 4x A55 in the 800 and 1000. Best case scenario, it would perform just as good while offering major power savings, but I bet multi-core CPU will be affected a bit. Speaking of the GPU: G610 MC6 on the 8000 series has proven to perform at Adreno 650 levels (SD870), so expect a little over a half of it, thus it might perform in the same league as the one inside Snapdragon 778G

            TenMoon, 23 May 2022So at the cost of mmWave they decided to downgrade both the... moreno and yes. Dimensity 1050 have stronger a78 cpu cores. I hope the 1050's gpu will be stroger than 1000's. Dimensity 1050's Mali G610 is strong, but how will it compete to mali g77 mc9(9 cores) to mali g610 mc3(3 cores)

              Benjamin, 25 May 2022So many things to like in this new Dimensity chipset - it i... moreYes - their chips are impressive and catching Qualcomm up in terms of technological advancement, no - their naming scheme is confusing, just like Qualcomm Snapdragon does. It's not impossible for buyers getting misled by the numbers and judge that D1050 is faster than the outgoing D1000, while they're getting theoretically less than that outgoing chip.

                dog2022, 23 May 2022the helio g99 core frequency it should be 2.5ghz, and gpu i... moreWell the good news is compared to Helio G96, G99 moves to a much more efficient TSMC N6 process, which if implemented correctly, would result in much more sustainable performance (i.e the cores can keep its clocks for longer), thus more stable performance.

                SD680 4G is already benefiting from its move to 6nm process despite using ancient A73/A53 cores and a GPU from 2019. Let's see how it goes for G99.

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                  • 25 May 2022

                  Anonymous, 23 May 2022Do not worry, our pal IPS is gnna come to say qualcomm is h... moreIPS, you mean the LCD display shill?

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                    • Benjamin
                    • 8vX
                    • 25 May 2022

                    So many things to like in this new Dimensity chipset - it is impressive and the mmWave element will elevate the connectivity experience as well.

                      Good improvement. 4G chipsets should move to 7nm process and 5G chipsets on more advanced 6 and 5nm process. They should replace the P22 and P35 with better graphics cores

                        Nothing new G99 is only 4G version of Dimensity 700 and overclocked of G96

                          G99 would be a nice improvement in battery management, I'm eager to see how it'll performs!

                            AnonD-844232, 23 May 2022u didn't get me .. Huawei kirin is arm and usa starte... moreLOL 😂😂😂

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                              • 23 May 2022

                              Finally a response from Mediatek to the already dated Snapdragon 680. I don't have any complaints about G95 and G96, both runs nice in my opinion and use (I'm not an extreme user nor a gamer). Anyway, I think G99 has extra potential to grant lower and mid-range phones a plus in performance and more modern features.

                                Anonymous, 23 May 2022Yup. maybe x90 as well. But g99, lol. hard pass to g99G99 is an evolution of the G96, and the G96 has a Cortex-A76 CPU, which is way faster than the outdated Cortex-A73 CPU in Snapdragon 680. That particular Snapdragon chipset shouldn't exist at all.

                                  I thought the Dimensity 1000 series is long gone by now? This is all so confusing.

                                    And with this mediatek basically guarantees complete domination in the US MARKET

                                    Mediatek looks they are actually listening

                                      Penk2856, 23 May 20222022 is an awful year for smartphones. Hope my 2020 one wil... moreLet me refine - "an awful year for flagship smartphones". This year's mid-rangers are OK for me (not my usage but the improvements made I've seen)

                                      I'm also waiting for next year. The S22, 1 IV and 14 Pro (guessed by rumours) make me look forward to the S23, 1 V and 15 Pro much respectively. I have a 2019 flagship and think it can last until next year well.

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                                        • 23 May 2022

                                        TenMoon, 23 May 2022So at the cost of mmWave they decided to downgrade both the... moreYeah this sku should be named in the 900 series where it is properly spec'd.