The Pixel Watch will have an LTE version, Cortex-M33 co-processor

23 May 2022
There are two LTE-enabled versions listed by the FCC, one with 3 bands supported and one with 10 bands. 

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  • 24 May 2022

Dylan, 24 May 2022Honestly I've had a WearOS smart watch. It was cool bu... moreAs a biker, I can't tell you how useful these smartwatches are. I can easily pick or ignore calls, use Google maps to confirm my directions, and control my music, because using my earbud controls inside the helmet is impossible.
The only thing I seek is better battery. I hope the M33 processor will help.

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    • Dylan
    • k4L
    • 24 May 2022

    Honestly I've had a WearOS smart watch. It was cool but I found no use with it. You already do everything with your phone. The day you unlock your car with your watch, I'll reconsider. But this just sounds like a fanboy push to create something out of hardware several years old. Then again, I don't hear apple lovers complaining about tech their iPhone just got from 2010

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      • 24 May 2022

      It doesnt matter 4 years old CPU even at price of 1 euro will be heavily overpriced.

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        • 23 May 2022

        Just give us good autonomy, many types of sports, and a 46mm version and that it does not exceed 300 dollars and make a safe sale with me and I know that with many of us who like Google products

          Very elegant, clean and minimal looking smart watch, my galaxy watch 4 is jealous.