Telegram to soon launch its premium plan

28 May 2022
Exclusive stickers and reactions are some of the perks of paying for Telegram.

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..."free forever..." all the usual BS...oh, and "we are secure.."

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    • Master
    • k34
    • 29 May 2022

    Its not free ,if commies collect ur all info

      Anders, 28 May 2022"Telegram is free forever. No ads. No subscription&quo... more"Telegram is free forever" remind me when Samsung take back their own words when they removed charges and headphones jack.

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        • Anonymous
        • p{W
        • 28 May 2022

        It's like when Google realised they cannot continue using "don't be evil" as their slogan because the beca.... So anyway

          Always wondered how in the world they keep this for free. I have years of pics and videos sent that they keep in the cloud for free. Thousands over thousands... It can't be cheap.

            • D
            • Doraemon
            • U@H
            • 28 May 2022

            It would eventually end up finding itself as Telegram Free Mod on one of it's own channel.

              • Fitz
              • X5u
              • 28 May 2022

              Hanif Fikri, 28 May 2022I had money, youtube premium subscribe, spotify, ... moreWell you can't continue to get free things forever,the developers have to make a living one way or the other and you have only 2 option for that.
              1. Ads
              2. Paid premium
              So you have to choose what suits you

                "Telegram is free forever. No ads. No subscription"

                Except when it isn't 😂😂

                  I hope they don't take away or restrict some of the features they are now giving for free. 🥺

                    I had money, youtube premium subscribe, spotify, netflix, mobile prepaid plan,wtc arghhhhhhhhhhhhh

                      Then if it gets bad, i will switch to using other services... Telegram isn't the only guy in town...

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                        • Anonymous
                        • 3y@
                        • 28 May 2022

                        Signal > Telegram

                          ye well, no more free subscription. unless, the dev needs money to keep his telegram alive and more improvement