Rumor: Galaxy Z Fold4 to improve cameras, bring iterative upgrades to the rest of the phone

30 May 2022
It may not get a 108MP main camera after all, but it should get a better telephoto lens with 3x magnification. Several improvements to the foldable display as well.

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  • 12 Jun 2022

I just had a renewed interest in Android since 2010. My first plunge was the Fold 2. I was mesmerized with the large screen. I thought it was the answer to my portability and large screen real estate needs. I went back to my iPhone after a long and arduous week of using an Android phone. It wasn't just suited for the my needs. iOS is still by far the best mobile OS for multitasking with just about anything. That didn't prevent me from upgrading to the Fold 3 as soon as it came out last year though. Call me stupid. It took me 2 generations to realize that my Fold3 is just really an expensive home phone/fax, on my desk, in my home office. Perhaps a remote control for anything at home. I will re-explore Android phones in 10 years. Maybe it will come close to iOS.

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    • 05 Jun 2022

    Am happy that the Ultra Smart people in Samsung are upgrading their Fold phones in the lowest incrementals possible. In this way am in No Way tempted to buy it. Hopefyit will be something to think about once it reaches Fold20!! Do they understand that phones are already boring!? If they aren't going to make a huge leap no one is interested in upgrading! Samsung offers are rediculious trying to sell the S22. A flagship should be a Flagship and nothing else! Latest stable tech. If nothing good coming with S23 am replacing My Note10+ battery and another few years!

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      • 02 Jun 2022

      My zflip 3 has been the best phone I've owned. Haven't had this much of a game changer since the iPhone 3GS or the Nokia N95!

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        • 02 Jun 2022

        Still 25w?! I'm really laughing at it X ) and 4400mah for foldable is a joke.

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          • 01 Jun 2022

          Fanboy hater , 30 May 2022If Samsung can improve the main display with a tougher supe... moreLol, I see you never had one

            open , 30 May 2022I doubt they would be able to make it fold without a gap li... moreWithout gap would make make the screen less scratch resistant and have no IP rating. One has to always choose features either way. I prefer the IP rating and slightly stronger screen.

              Camera performance of folds is funny. MateX2 was different, oppo is so so, vivo should be best in under 2000€ category.
              Seeing Huawei hw, just pure build of the rest brands is wrong for the cameras. It's like upgrade is still downgrade.

                Robbie, 30 May 2022Everything you've said there is absolute nonsense. I&... moreI agree. Ive had the fold 2 for about 6 months and upgraded to fold 3 which is now about 8 months and i still dont have nail marks on my inner screen.

                The fold is also my most usable device in a long time - perfect and light enough for reading ebooks and comics, for note taking, watching videos. It is hard to go back to normal phones when you get used to its form.

                Would i upgrade - if the camera improvement is significant. Otherwise i think the fold 3 can still last me another year.

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                  • 31 May 2022

                  battery at 4400mah? so much talk about foldable phone given its larger size the battery will be way bigger than normal phone guess it did not happen even after 3 generation. 4400mah is just small

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                    • 31 May 2022

                    AnonD-546724, 30 May 2022The Z Fold line was supposed to be innovative and exciting ... moreWell said.

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                      • 31 May 2022

                      AnonD-546724, 30 May 2022The XS2 is entirely new. Please check your facts before tal... moreThey might be wrong about weight and camera but samsung still has the edge.

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                        • 31 May 2022

                        honestly, a lower base price would be enough of an upgrade for this launch

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                          • 30 May 2022

                          Aldwin123, 30 May 2022The XS2 is actually just an updated XS. It still uses the s... moreThe XS2 is entirely new. Please check your facts before talking nonsense.
                          Here :

                          Also, it comes with a case engineered (Pretty clever yet simple stuff) to covers the exposed screen when not in use.

                          The only thing the ZF4 have over it is software, that's it.

                          Plus the lack of GMSs on the Huawei can easily be "fixed" with a bit of skills.
                          That's an advanced device for advanced users, while the ZF4 is the "easy" foldable.
                          But also the less exciting of the bunch.

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                            • 30 May 2022

                            I was looking forward to get this phone, but after the leaks/rumors so far, seems like it won't be a big upgrade. I'll stick to the S22 Ultra for now.

                              AnonD-546724, 30 May 2022The Z Fold line was supposed to be innovative and exciting ... moreThe Xs 2 is also an incremental upgrade IMO. It looks the same. The only physical changes is that it is slightly smaller, slimmer and lighter. Huawei claims it has a stronger screen and upgraded hinge mechanism which is the same thing they said about the Xs refresh in December 2019.

                              It has been about 4 years since the Xs and we've seen about 4-5 inner foldables in that time so this might appear to be innovation, but to me it's a refined Xs.

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                                • 30 May 2022

                                I doubt they would be able to make it fold without a gap like the chinese foldables. Tbh, they only win in the software and 5G (because somehow, chinese brands are still keeping the foldables for themselves)

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                                  • 30 May 2022

                                  It feels like each year theyre improving on one thing majorly then the rest iteratively.
                                  Fold 1 - Basically a prototype
                                  Fold 2 - Better design and screens
                                  Fold 3 - S Pen support
                                  Fold 4 - Better cameras
                                  Now im excited to see what the Fold 5 will have in store!

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                                    • rN7
                                    • 30 May 2022

                                    Please. The camera will be just as iterative as an upgrade. The only upgrades we really got in cameras the last 5-6 years are zoom lenses.

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                                      • 30 May 2022

                                      If Samsung can improve the main display with a tougher super UTG and reduce the crease and prevent fingernails scratches🤗 this would be a big game-changer. I would consider buying the Galaxy fold 4 with a trade-in of my galaxy s21 ultra.😊😇🤗

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                                        • 30 May 2022

                                        AnonD-546724, 30 May 2022The Z Fold line was supposed to be innovative and exciting ... moreWhat would you expect so innovative to allow Samsung making a new phone?
                                        Sometimes innovation is not that much visible, but it lies mainly in construction or other features.
                                        Luckily Samsung does not take advice from people like you...