The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro will not have a rotating bezel, leakster says

31 May 2022
There was hope that the Pro will take over from the Classic, but Ice Universe says those waiting for a rotating bezel will be disappointed.

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  • 05 Jun 2022

No bezel, no reason for someone looking for a Sporty Muscilin watch to buy Samsung products. If it looks neither sporty not fancy then why buy it!!??

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    • horrorfactory
    • d%A
    • 02 Jun 2022

    only reason im buying samsung watches is the bezel.. Battery life is terrible.. I love their sensors, but I could also live without them.. specially if there is better battery life, that somehow competition nailed down. It's a shame, I was looking forward to 5 to replace my 3. Bad, bad, bad move by samsung.

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      • Bennydajeta
      • PTT
      • 02 Jun 2022

      Samsung should bring back the Camera watch!
      I had the Gear 2 and was gutted when the screen died recently and they cant fix it!
      Was the best watch ever!!

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        • 3SL
        • 01 Jun 2022

        Anonymous, 01 Jun 2022rotating bezels are over rated.Anything is overrated if you don't know the use case.

          The rotating bezel is by far the best feature of Galaxy Watches

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            • gns
            • 01 Jun 2022

            They should use digital crown like Apple

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              • w4B
              • 01 Jun 2022

              rotating bezels are over rated.

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                • pma
                • 01 Jun 2022

                If Samsung loses functionality, it will lose customers. There are other manufacturers like Garmin watches eg Garmin Epix 2 - seem really interesting, durable and functional.

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                  • U{e
                  • 01 Jun 2022

                  Samsung a round digital watch looks like it belongs in the 1990s

                  Come up with a square form factor....

                    Kingwicked, 31 May 2022That was the biggest advantage point for me. I hate the siz... moreSame here. I'll hang onto my CW4 because of the rotating bezel.

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                      • Chixby
                      • a3p
                      • 31 May 2022

                      Maybe they could replace it with a crown! I think GW4 classic had huge bezels and they should really make it slimmer next time

                        Brezel, 31 May 2022I have had almost all the versions of the Galaxy watch with... moreHmmm.... not at all satisfied... bought all versions in spite of that... either dumb or suspicious...

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                          • yuh
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                          • 31 May 2022

                          I have the watch 4 classic and love it, only thing I don`t like is the battery life, wish it could last 3-4 days with every feature on

                            That was the biggest advantage point for me. I hate the size of the ugly touch bezel on other variants. Will keep watch4classic and wait to see how the touch bezel of watch 5 pro turns out. I hope there would be a rotational crown instead of the ugly touch bezel. Get rid of that ugly thing as well makes the watch faces look crappy and small

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                              • smartwatchguy
                              • Lxf
                              • 31 May 2022

                              to fit a the tichwatch size battery...

                                Brezel, 31 May 2022I have had almost all the versions of the Galaxy watch with... more'software is so unresponsive', You speak about Tizen then ? Or WearOS ? Because sorry to say but my experience with Galaxy Watch, Watch S3 Frontier, Watch 3 Titanium and Watch 4 (returned) isn't the same at all, the software is good, update with improvement/functions added over time ... So, what model have you really experimented and what's the issue ? I just don't have this kind of problem in all the watch, Wear OS was a bit more 'laggy' than Tizen but that's why I kept my GW3 Ti over the GW4.

                                I do like the rotating bezel, it's easy to setup volume and so on with it, with the right 'clickety feel' :)

                                  Told ya! Watch 4 classic is the last pro built smart watch from Samsung.

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                                    • DMX
                                    • 8xX
                                    • 31 May 2022

                                    Bad move, the rotating bezel gave a primitive and elegant touch to the galaxy watch, like my old and missing gear s3 classic that was a watch

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                                      • DUKE
                                      • CGH
                                      • 31 May 2022

                                      I hope they do cater for those that want a minimalist "smartwatch" on their wrist , talking about a possible Galaxy fit3 or so...

                                        Maybe they want to focus on fixing the HR sensor already!