The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro will not have a rotating bezel, leakster says

Peter, 31 May 2022

According to leaks, Samsung is working on three smartwatch models for the Galaxy Watch5 generation – their code names are Heart-S, Heart-L and Heart-Pro. As you may imagine, these probably refer to the 40mm and 44mm sizes of a vanilla model plus a Pro model. But no Classic version this time.

Does that mean no rotating bezel? Only the Watch4 Classic had it, the vanilla didn’t. There was always the hope that the new Galaxy Watch5 Pro model will carry on this style, but leakster Ice Universe just extinguished that hope.

Some previous Samsung watches tried to emulate this hardware feature with the touchscreen, but it never worked quite as well. The rotating bezel didn’t impact the watch’s waterproofing or durability and was a unique feature in the smartwatch market, so it’s not clear why Samsung would want to remove it.

The rotating bezel was one of the main things that set the Watch4 Classic apart from the vanilla model The rotating bezel was one of the main things that set the Watch4 Classic apart from the vanilla model

We have heard much about the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro. It will have a titanium body and sapphire glass, large 572mAh battery, possibly a thermometer and so on. But nothing about a bezel and we were hoping that no news is good news on that front. Alas that may not be the case.

The Watch4 series was announced alongside Samsung’s new foldables last year, this year will likely be the same, i.e. an early August launch.



Reader comments

  • Spike
  • 05 Jun 2022
  • rRU

No bezel, no reason for someone looking for a Sporty Muscilin watch to buy Samsung products. If it looks neither sporty not fancy then why buy it!!??

  • horrorfactory
  • 02 Jun 2022
  • d%A

only reason im buying samsung watches is the bezel.. Battery life is terrible.. I love their sensors, but I could also live without them.. specially if there is better battery life, that somehow competition nailed down. It's a shame, I was looki...

  • Bennydajeta
  • 02 Jun 2022
  • PTT

Samsung should bring back the Camera watch! I had the Gear 2 and was gutted when the screen died recently and they cant fix it! Was the best watch ever!!

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