Pixel Watch will reportedly last “up to a day” on a charge

1 June 2022
Google’s reported pre-release estimates could possibly change.

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I really love the looks of it. Only if had a better battery life. For example, my versa 2 lasts for about 3 days (AOD off).

    Wow! A whole day? That's only about 25 days less than my smartwatch.

      FarFan, 01 Jun 2022But it will have 120kW charger! (sold separately, for the p... more120 kilowatt charger?? you can power a car engine with that amount of watts!!

        you have to suffer, 01 Jun 2022google does not make hardware. only software.That's why I'm keeping my Huawei GT2 Pro. It last 2 weeks. This every day charging watches is lame.

          Anonymous, 01 Jun 2022And here I am with a solar-powered G-Shock that's hitt... moreI have G-Shock, Citizen and Casio with solar and they work of light entirely, but this isn't exactly comparable. Those just show time and have super efficient movements specifically designed just for that. Smartwatches are just too power hungry. Garmin has Instinct Solar models and those can only slightly extend the operational time with solar panels inside, they cannot run entirely with solar panels only. Unless you switch it to basically "time only" watch in which case it will run only on sunlight.

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            • Karl
            • nx1
            • 01 Jun 2022

            This is exactly reason, why i choose Huawei Watch. Not so feature rich, but i can handle what i need. And after 5 days of using i'm on 54 % of battery (all available continuous measurements on), wearing them all night/day long.

              But it will have 120kW charger! (sold separately, for the price of watch, charging will be 1 min faster than with 5w charger)

                " Up to a day " so this is the reason why Samsung ditch the tizen os ?

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                  • 01 Jun 2022

                  Lol, so poor battery performance 🤣🤣🤣

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                    • t@P
                    • 01 Jun 2022

                    And here I am with a solar-powered G-Shock that's hitting 14 years old - the only thing I've had to replace is the strap (and only once)..

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                      • 01 Jun 2022

                      we already have smartphones that require daily charge.any other power hungry device is a burden.not worth buying

                        Lets see what smartwatch/band should do:
                        -show time.
                        -show notifications.
                        -show basic info like weather/news etc
                        -record some health-related data.
                        -record exercises.
                        -do basic things like stoper/timer etc.
                        -have customized faces.

                        Now everything from that list can be possible on my 40$ smartband that last almost two weeks... So why should anyone bother with device like this pixel watch that cant even last one day?

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                          • ygB
                          • 01 Jun 2022

                          Why is Google hardware so incredibly lame, it makes me puke

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                            • Chixby
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                            • 01 Jun 2022

                            Really? Disappointed

                              Anonymous, 01 Jun 2022I have an iWatch 6. It says battery life is at 83% (after 1... moreiWatch🤣

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                                • bum
                                • 01 Jun 2022

                                wow one day.....my huawei can last 14 days and cost only 68 dollars (without GPS)

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                                  • 01 Jun 2022

                                  I have an iWatch 6. It says battery life is at 83% (after 1 year and 8 months of use). I do charge it every night, but now and then i'm in a situation where i don't have a charger, so it lasts me about 29 hours until its dead.
                                  I have an always on screen turned ON.

                                    No point to release this with such a bad battery life.
                                    My Galaxy 4 Classic is bad enough that I want to drop at the first device with better battery and features but nothing coming until maybe Galaxy 5.

                                      Any watch that does not last at least a week is pathetic.
                                      Are you using a watch or a charging simulator?
                                      But I wonder what a software side will look like - will it try to replace your phone (that's never a good sign) or it will be a companion designed device.

                                        If it's true it's nothing quite special but the software is good very good,
                                        battery in a watch should last 3 days normal.