Microsoft announces Surface Laptop Go 2 starting at $599

02 June 2022
The new Laptop Go 2 brings Windows 11, performance updates, and replaceable shell, battery, and SSD.

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potato4k, 15 Jun 2022They're learning from Apple. They think that they have the brand loyalty of apple customers. I don't think so. I see Macs literally everywhere (more common than all other computers combined x2) and the few Windows devices I see are Dells, Lenovos, Acers, and Asus. I've seen exactly one Microsoft Surface in my life.

    SuperSpruce, 06 Jun 20224GB RAM costs $20, and the difference between a 128GB and 2... moreThey're learning from Apple.

      potato4k, 02 Jun 2022No it's not. It's the same Windows as any other W... moreAfter 6 years, who cares. I'm moving to the new one this October with 4-year protection.

        veryangrynerd, 04 Jun 2022$200 for extra 4gb of ram and 128gb storage 😂4GB RAM costs $20, and the difference between a 128GB and 256GB SSD is about $10-$15. The markup is absolutely insane. Wow. What was MS thinking?

          Aziz soft tech, 06 Jun 2022Bro I am not talking about 2000's computers I have 6th... moreThis was not a 2000s computer at all; this is a $1700 computer from 5 years ago, back when I was stupid and got a Mac. I have a dual-boot system on my 2017 iMac with an i5-7500, 16GB RAM, a Radeon Pro 560 (~GTX 750 performance), and a 1TB HDD boot drive. It really did take 5 minutes to boot up Windows (if it actually booted up at all), and it really did take about 10 minutes for the system to become responsive, and checking task manager, my disk was pegged at 100% usage the whole time.

          This is why I strongly recommend against ever using an HDD as a boot drive in Windows.

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            • 06 Jun 2022

            eMMC is slow,
            but how about UFS2.2 or UFS3.1 or UFS 4.0?
            There are at least 2x faster in actual MB/s compared to eMMC,
            more size and battery saving compared to SSD.

            Apple Macbook Air introduce M1 15Watt, it's a new and allow fanboy to boast and marketting it. Surface Go 2 deserved it's own Brand Value while being cheaper.

              SuperSpruce, 03 Jun 2022Windows on a HDD is basically unusable. It takes 5 minutes ... moreBro I am not talking about 2000's computers I have 6th gen laptop or 9th gen PC or external HDD they are all HDD drives they are extremely fast 10 sec to boot no time to click or browsing is nothing.

                $200 for extra 4gb of ram and 128gb storage 😂

                  potato4k, 02 Jun 2022Any general purpose consumer laptop in 2022 with just 4GB R... moreWith Linux, 4/128 is quite usable as a daily driver due to the OS being more efficient. On Lubuntu Linux, the system has everything most people need but the OS takes up only 400MB RAM and 6GB storage! I never went above 2.5GB RAM usage on Lubuntu. But with Windows, the OS takes up half your storage and 3/4 of your RAM, rendering your system unusable once you have more than 3 tabs on your browser.

                    Aziz soft tech, 02 Jun 2022128GB for a laptop sounds nothing even HDD is better with l... moreWindows on a HDD is basically unusable. It takes 5 minutes to boot but another 10 to get it do respond to your clicks, then it takes 60 seconds to open a web browser or Steam, and 4 minutes to open the Epic Games Store. And every now and then the entire system becomes unusable for 2-30 seconds because of some crap Windows background process eating up 100% of disk I/O.

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                      • 03 Jun 2022

                      Anonymous, 03 Jun 2022Bad deal.Bad deal for you, good deal for Nadella. Get used to lose.

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                        • 03 Jun 2022

                        Snail, 02 Jun 2022It's SSD. You need to educate yourself first.Oh, wow, I would have never guessed! I'm being ironic.
                        Don't you find that having 128GB on a PC is extremely low? I mean you can forget about having 2 OSs or even downloading a large torrent file.
                        For 100 dollars you can get 512GB SSD or even 1TB from SanDisk or Kingston.

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                          • 03 Jun 2022

                          Bad deal.

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                            • 02 Jun 2022

                            potato4k, 02 Jun 2022For $600, 8GB RAM is alright. It's the bare minimum fo... moreFor my 12 years old laptop 8GB is normal. But it isn't normal for a laptop made in 2022.

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                              • M K Gandhi
                              • 7tT
                              • 02 Jun 2022

                              Crappy hardware for 599 and 799. For same price, you get way better laptops.

                                bad specs and expensive price!

                                  Who still offers 4GB RAM? Even some sub $200 phones have 8GB RAM.
                                  But Honestly, I was truly hoping for an ARM (SQ2?) processor with 8GB-128GB for the starting price.

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                                    • 02 Jun 2022

                                    Who wants a system with 4gb ram..base variant should be 8/256gb and price should be 599$

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                                      • 02 Jun 2022

                                      DrakeX, 02 Jun 2022Alder Lake U / P laptops are slowly appearing and they brou... moreThat OLED screen you love to praise so much has Pentile Arrangement, so it's also low ppi, on top of having PWM.

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                                        • 02 Jun 2022

                                        I'll go with macbook 2020 with M1 instead of this. It's cheaper now in my country