Weekly poll: what does the perfect smartphone display look like to you?

05 June 2022
Do you have a minimum resolution or refresh rate when looking for a new phone? What about AMOLED vs. LCD and flat vs. curved displays?

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Anonymous, 06 Jun 2022small handed user here: Phone should be wider and bigger, ... moreI have Nokia E63, this should be 2.36" for watching video offline without rotate horizontal

    Olympus Oms, 06 Jun 2022And what qhd/4k phone have been tested with a real full HD ... moreI can see on a bigger screen, that make me visual impairment

      GD yobelvp, 06 Jun 2022Actually, higher refresh rate (90hz, 120hz, 144hz and highe... moreI hava fact that small screen is not a waste it is a portable.

        Olympus Oms, 07 Jun 2022You did. Imagine a phone with 5" screen, with no bezel... moreYou shoudn't feel hopeful for yourself because...

          i prefer both tft and cstn

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            • rJX
            • 12 Jun 2022

            Qimchi, 08 Jun 2022Never mentioned baggy pants in the previous comments, only ... moreI am not sure if the "big enough pockets" is applicable across the globe across all the different size and shapes that men come in

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              • I@H
              • 09 Jun 2022

              Anonymous, 09 Jun 2022I see that you're a fan boy of Sony. Every time I read... morebut, he is really right... you know...

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                • 09 Jun 2022

                AlienKiss, 08 Jun 2022He's right you know.. My phone has slim bezels and it... moreI see that you're a fan boy of Sony. Every time I read something about a phone, you're there with the same comments or a bit different. Stop being a fan boy and try to force your ides on to other people. You're in minority. I would never go back to a 2012 design no matter what a phone offers. So yeah, stop trolling or hating on others that don't agree with you. Just saying ...

                  Qimchi, 08 Jun 2022Never mentioned baggy pants in the previous comments, only ... moreYes you did. All men have huge enough pockets. That means baggy pants!

                    Olympus Oms, 07 Jun 2022You did. Imagine a phone with 5" screen, with no bezel... moreNever mentioned baggy pants in the previous comments, only mentioned that male c(or men) pants have big enough pockets that worrying about screen sizes would be pointless. However worrying about dimensions would make more sense either way. Alright lets go modern. 5" wrap around display. Incredibly impractical and the Mi Mix Alpha had an almost 8" wraparound display in a body of similar dimensions as the iPhone 13 Pro. Imagine a wraparound 5" display on a phone. It would be tiny, and limited in many ways, but this is just an exaggerated example of a futuristic phone.

                    I was merely referring to the past as a reference point, like how I mentioned about aspect ratios and how if (I'm rephrasing it here) a 5" 16:9 phone like the Xperia X were to have an updated display with the screen to body ratio of 90%. It would have a 5.6" display with a taller aspect ratio in the same exact body, or vise versa where a tiny phone like if the 7th Gen iPod Touch, were to have a 5" screen. It would work if you're alright with a small battery, single camera, and limited hardware.

                    Lets be real here. A modern phone with a 5" 90% screen to body ratio display (a.k.a tiny bezels like the S22 Ultra) would not have a 4-5 Ah battery. I'd say 3.2 Ah tops with current battery tech. You'd be carrying an overheating phone as thick as a power bank otherwise. For reference of how thick it could be, it'd be like having a ZeroLemon case on a phone smaller than a 7th gen iPod Touch with little surface area for cooling. THICK and noticeable in the pockets.

                    If its a small phone that fits in a pocket you want its the Zenfone 8, Xperia 5 iii or the iPhone 13 Mini. All of which are bigger than 5", but fits any pocket because their width is below 70mm (the width, or its dimensions, are more important than the screen size).

                      OLED display makers should end their shortcuts using pentile/diamond/similar pixel configurations. I have middle aged eyes but I could see the difference/artifacts of OLED vs LCD.

                        Anonymous, 08 Jun 2022Go buy a Sony phone if you want a 2012 designHe's right you know..
                        My phone has slim bezels and it's a nightmare to use many times because of this and because of the curved display. Even though there's an accidental touch protection software, I still get accidental touches by mistake. It's awful watching YouTube and pressing by mistake on another video, having to wait for the commercials and for the skip button, then pressing back and waiting for another commercial, again! All of this because they couldn't add an extra millimeter or two to the bezels. And don't get me started with the round corners. They look cool, but are extra impractical. I mean there's no advantage to it. None.
                        Also, I'd rather have no selfie camera than a huge black cluster of dead pixels on the display!
                        Don't be a trend Mitch! Just saying..

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                          • 08 Jun 2022

                          Mark T., 06 Jun 2022You missed 3 great and simple yes/no questions: 1. Do yo... moreGo buy a Sony phone if you want a 2012 design

                            Qimchi, 07 Jun 2022Who says men wears baggy pants? Tight jeans, shorts or spor... moreYou did. Imagine a phone with 5" screen, with no bezels. 2mm thicker because of a 4-5000 mah battery. You are only thinking 5" screen with bezels, as it was in the past. But I'm talking about today's phone design, but in the size of 5" screen. Stop thinking the past! Think future, but with a 5" screen (phone). And up to date hardware. Just 2-3mm thicker for big battery.

                              Olympus Oms, 06 Jun 2022For men? So men needs baggy pants for note size phones, jus... moreWho says men wears baggy pants? Tight jeans, shorts or sports pants for all I know. Still fits ~76mm+ phones. Unlike whatever pocket You're trying to fit apparently.

                                The single biggest problem with my display on my budget phone is the brightness. It's almost impossible to see it outside in the sun at max brightness. I'd rather it be a 720p 60Hz LCD with a notch but actually visible in the sun rather than it being an uninterrupted 1440p 120Hz 10-bit HDR AMOLED that is also impossible to see outside in the sun at max brightness.

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                                  • 07 Jun 2022

                                  FHD resolution and 120Hz panel won in their January 2021 poll, so why still include it?

                                    I would go for DPI not for resolution ... 300dpi is quite bad acctualy, above 400dpi is hard to recognize (400 vs 500 vs 600 etc...) ...

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                                      • 07 Jun 2022

                                      Most important thing for me is display width (at least 74mm), aspect ratio (16:9) and brightness under sunlight. I absolutely despise narrow and long displays formats like all makes release nowadays as they make no sense when used for web browsing and reading text while holding the phone vertically, which is how most people use the phone 90% of the time. Pixel density is another important one but most of the phones today have no problems at that area. I technically don't quite care about the high refresh rate as for the curved vs non-curved I prefer non-curved due to easier use and less scratches in time.

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                                        • 07 Jun 2022

                                        hd lcd