Weekly poll: what does the perfect smartphone display look like to you?

05 June 2022
Do you have a minimum resolution or refresh rate when looking for a new phone? What about AMOLED vs. LCD and flat vs. curved displays?

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  • dhakirikiri
  • XZ2
  • 05 Jun 2022

I'm using 13 Pro Max 256gb with 60 Hz only. I've disabled the 120 Hz option. Because I can't feel any big difference between them but less battery life.
I'm getting almost 8 hour SOT and my elder sister 8.5-9 hr SOT. Both using same model.

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    • EePee
    • Fv1
    • 05 Jun 2022

    Personally, anything higher than QHD is a waste of battery, and even then, phone screens generally are big enough that 1080p looks great.
    Personally id say 90Hz display minimum aswell, im just a fan of HRR screens and how silky smooth they are

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      • DMX
      • 8xX
      • 05 Jun 2022

      At this point for me, flat panel like on the iPhone and the Realme gt 2 pro, that screen, 2k with very thin bixels everywhere and the iPhone-like chin that no one could do from that Forlán on android

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        • Anonymous
        • vIb
        • 05 Jun 2022

        Anonymous, 05 Jun 2022First asks „what does the perfect smartphone display look l... moreThe 60 hz option was likely omitted because very less people want it in 2022 regardless of the phone size or battery capacity

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          • Lpg
          • 05 Jun 2022

          book ripe mouse tree, 05 Jun 2022forget the smartphone screen. they have IPS and 1080p scree... moreGet dell xps , it has 4K

            Brighter screens that guarantee proper visibility even in bright sun.
            Wider screens - up to 90mm because I use the phone for a lot more than videos - book reader or for maps when I'm hiking, and the extra cm width would be handy.
            Shorter screens because none of the modern, longer, phones seems to fit well in a pocket with a flap on it.

            Specialised set of requirements. Perhaps. But it's left me seriously considering the next gen of foldables even if it'll hurt my pocket.

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              • Anonymous
              • Lpb
              • 05 Jun 2022

              Some here would like the option " any used by samsung".

              QHD on Vivo in 2013 = gimmick label
              QHD on LG in 2014 = gimmick label
              QHD on smaller screen s6 in 2015 = must have on any phone above $400

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                • Anonymous
                • 3SI
                • 05 Jun 2022

                First asks „what does the perfect smartphone display look like to you?“ then goes on with „What is the minimum display refresh rate for your next phone?“

                What are we talking about now, utopia or buying decisions? Just because I prefer 120 Hz doesn’t mean that I will pass up on a good phone with a 60 Hz display (especially because I‘m in the small phone camp which has like 5 choices to pick from)

                GSMArena has always been terrifically bad with polls and this one is no exception.

                  5". Full HD. Samoled. 90 degree corners! No holes! 144Hz. Flat screen!

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                    • Anonymous
                    • wrg
                    • 05 Jun 2022

                    IPS FHD+ 10bit 120hz would be ideal display for me.

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                      • Igloo
                      • n1h
                      • 05 Jun 2022

                      Make more 21:9 phones like Xperia 10

                        book ripe mouse tree, 05 Jun 2022forget the smartphone screen. they have IPS and 1080p scree... moreas someone that lives in taiwan, i can feel, understand, and agree to it

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                          • 3I{
                          • 05 Jun 2022

                          Why is high brightness not an alternative in the display poll?

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                            • YUU
                            • 05 Jun 2022

                            For me:
                            LCD/LED or OLED
                            Refresh rate? Don't care.

                              bring back 16/9 screens and a bright 60hz amoled/oled with large batteries and decent rear cam and soc, don't give a shit about the android skin or android updates.

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                                • book ripe mouse tree
                                • 61u
                                • 05 Jun 2022

                                forget the smartphone screen. they have IPS and 1080p screens. meanwhile, we need to elaborate about those PCs and Laptops that still uses TN and 768p screens. also if you come from japan or china, when you read kanji in phone then read kanji in PC/laptop, their differences are shaking my head because kanji in phone appear to be clear and smooth, meanwhile kanji in PC/laptop appear to be pixelated, coarse, and not pleasing.

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                                  • Harry
                                  • 7kn
                                  • 05 Jun 2022

                                  Idk but what's up with all the big thick bezels at the bottom nowadays? Even a phone costing more than $400 are having those. Idk but that's very disgusting to me😂. I mean back then few years ago those thick bezels didn't on such upper mid range phones.

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                                    • 3m
                                    • JhS
                                    • 05 Jun 2022

                                    Where is a question about front camera?

                                      All i wanted is go back to 19.5:9 display ratio like from the previous 2019 smartphones model. Really bad phones r getting taller and narrower..(Only galaxy s22 series and honor magic revert back to 19.5:9)..

                                        I prefer flat, 120hz, HDR10 display with possibility of having higher resolution. I don't really care if it's LCD or Amoled, i used both types and they're both amazing in their own way.