Apple WWDC 2022: what to expect

05 June 2022
This event is focused mainly on software - iOS and iPadOS 16, macOS 13, watchOS 9 and more. We might see some hardware too, but that is unlikely.

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siminum, 06 Jun 2022I do not dispute your saying, many bloggers share the blame... moreOn the contrary whilst you might wish Apple to acknowledge such companies, I can understand why this doesn’t happen. Well beyond the fact that the owners of those companies get a shed load of cash in the exchange. that itself could be viewed as some form of acknowledgment at least. Whether it’s ‘sufficient’’ acknowledgement will be up to you to decide should you ever find yourself running a company that Apple has just made an offer on…..

But anyway, back to the point at hand, Apple are a brand you see, a very valuable brand, the worlds most valuable in fact, and much of that value is invested in their brand identity.
As such Apple Pay for the privilege of taking credit for whatever work their subsidiaries or those companies they simply purchased and absorbed outright may have done.

And you have to understand this, Apple are not allowed to just simply take credit for the works of others, but they can however take credit for the ideas and products they have paid for. After all it’s why they parted with that money in the first place, in order to improve their own products and enhance their brand identity.

And again, Apple are not alone in this behaviour, it happens in this industry and most others all the time, it’s just business.

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    • 06 Jun 2022

    Quite disappointing those new features for iOS 16! Especially for IPhones with 6,5 respectively 6.7 inch screens: Where is the option to run 2 apps on the screen at the same time (split-screen feature)? Why isn’t it possible to have small windows for each app, which I could change in size and screen position via dragging? Why are stuff like content of file app or Microsoft Office displayed on connected monitors with black bars on the top and bottom (instead of adopting the monitor resolution)? Why isn‘t it possible to have a landscape mode for homescreen and all apps (depending on the orientation of the IPhone itself)? Why aren’t there more high quality Bluetooth protocols for audio available? Why is there not a sign of desktop mode (like Samsung DeX) possible? Apple is so fu**ing uninspired, stubborn and poor of innovation, that slowly it really starts to hurt!

      DaFink, 06 Jun 2022Your just describing how the industry as whole works there.... moreI do not dispute your saying, many bloggers share the blame for spreading the false "innovation" but, as a top tech company, claiming that you spent billions into research is nothing than a "hot air balloon" when in fact you should acknowledge the work done by the companies you bought (we only need to look at Beats by Dr Dre: Apple music and Air Pods are based on Beats..).

        Anonymous, 06 Jun 2022WWDC is the most exciting time every year. For the norma... moreThis. No matter how much people complain how Apple is "behind" with iOS features, fall of every year has never been this exciting for me as they are now with iPhone. With Android phones, most of the time I was only observing all the features I won't get because vendors just didn't update their phones. Like, basically at all. You had to buy new device to get latest Android. Now it'll be the 4th time I'm going to experience new cool stuff in iOS update and it'll all be for free. Phone also still feels super snapy despite big updates I've received. Usually Android phones just became slower and slower with those few updates they even received to a point you were kinda forced to buy new one.

        iOS updates are so exciting because you know for a fact you'll be getting them for 5 years and you know for a fact you'll receive it when Apple announces its release. Not months later or even a year later like it's common with Android phones. To some this isn't important, but for me it is. I'd like to try Android again when my updates run at at 5th year, but knowing I'm not going to get such amazing software treatment there, I'm leaning towards iPhone again. Especially if it'll go with underdisplay selfie camera and USB-C by that time (iPhone 15, allegedly). We'll see. For now I'll just be excited for iOS 16...

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          • 06 Jun 2022

          Hello all, I recently shifted to iOS after using Android flagships for nearly a decade. Initially I was literally frustrated how the things are being managed on iOS and was regretting my decision of the switch, but gradually I started liking it. I can say that iPhones are best practical usage devices with no fancy and not so important features. But I feel it would be great if Apple introduces below features in iOS 16:
          - Double tap on home screen to lock the screen. An alternative for avoiding excessive use of Power button. Though I personally use it in Assistive Touch.
          - Slightly reduce the animations to make it look faster.
          - Desktop/Web notifications on Safari/3rd party browser. I am not very much into downloading different apps, rather I like using the Lite versions from browsers and get notifications.
          - Different Volume controllers for Media, Alarm, Ringer, which are just now grouped in one.
          - Ability to add custom ringtones without using iTunes.
          - Ability to sideload apps without using iTunes and connecting to iMac. I agree that Apple is not implementing this for the sake of privacy, but Apple can have a secure scanning system for sideloaded apps.
          - Having all video qualities on YouTube browser version. Just now it is locked to 240p, 360p and 720p.
          - Native Call recorder like Samsung devices. Orelse an easier way to record Incoming calls instead of using Call conference option. Outgoing calls are easy to record.
          - Refining the Homescreen layout, because its been a long time it is just the same.
          I now really like using iOS and would even love more if few of the above mentioned features are included in iOS 16.

            SShock, 06 Jun 2022Just remembered all the dumb phones had AOD, just not backlit.Yeah some random Nokia from 2010 or something, so going by the usual ‘iOS copied it from Android wha wha wha……’ logic, then Android simply copied it from somebody else 🤷

            Meanwhile back in the world of adult maturity, people just get on with their day and use the features present on their platform of choice.

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              • 06 Jun 2022

              WWDC is the most exciting time every year.

              For the normal users, It's like getting a brand new iPhone, due to the OS update.

              As for developers, it's the excitement of the race, the race to be first to implement the new features.

              Now with iPad playgrounds, even causal wielding a iPad can code and deploy their apps. "A call to code" for all indeed.

                Anonymous, 06 Jun 2022No news on another SE?Nope, and then again I don't think introducing a new SE less than 3 months after the previous one is a good idea anyway.

                  DaFink, 06 Jun 2022This Android vs iOS debate (or debacle as it has long becom... moreJust remembered all the dumb phones had AOD, just not backlit.

                    SShock, 06 Jun 2022It can't be, unless AMOLED was in such infancy back th... moreI know that, but if I remember correctly, LG G5 had a separate controller for the AOD, so it didn't light up the whole display, just a portion of it. Well, in theory the new LTPO displays should be even more efficient, but let's see them in practice.

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                      • 06 Jun 2022

                      It may mean something to those who love Apple products, but some innovations or things that Apple will introduce as innovations are already introduced on the Android side but Apple lovers also love the words used in the launch "most innovative Apple ever" So Ok, Thanks Apple

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                        • 06 Jun 2022

                        No news on another SE?

                          [deleted post]This Android vs iOS debate (or debacle as it has long become) is never going to end sadly. Every time it does come up though, I constantly see people bringing up the likes of custom launchers and emulation 🤦‍♂️

                          You get that custom launchers tend to only be a preference if the included one sucks right? And emulation on a mobile device is niche at best, and a mindless waste of time at worst.

                          In terms of overall actually useful and beneficial features there is a pins width difference between both platforms as they currently stand, and any one saying they loose a ton of features if they go to iOS is either kidding themselves or being purposefully disingenuous.

                          Yes AoD was on Android years before iOS, big deal, it was on various Nokia devices long before that, and again who actually cares. It’s obviously not been an aspect of any iOS device that has been missed by the users, this as evidenced by the lack of droves leaving the platform to get an Android simply because of it.

                          That is also holds true of the various ‘freedoms’ you vaguely bring up, or emulation etc. If such things ever come to iOS some people will use them others won’t. And if they never do, nobody seems to care anyhow.

                            Deussss, 06 Jun 2022Lol, omghe is right. they only innovate audience

                              KondriX, 06 Jun 2022And how is that LG G5 LCD was more efficient than the Samsu... moreIt can't be, unless AMOLED was in such infancy back then that it was worse somehow. Only way I can see it somewhat efficient if LCD display had backlight adaptive so it turned off all other LED's except the one underneath AOD. And even then, it'll be refreshing at 60Hz because it was all fixed back then.

                              Reason why I call both heavily inefficient is just because when you have to do full panel refresh of an empty display at 60Hz it's incredibly inefficient no matter how you turn it. LTPO on the other hand, can refresh just once every second, only refresh pixels that need changing and the entire time only those few AOD pixels are actually turned on. Compare that to LCD with backlight that can only be on or off entirely (excluding miniLED which is too big for phones) with display that needs to refresh 60 times a second and needs to power all pixels to have LCD shutter working (and dimming the backlight). Regular fixed refresh OLED just solves this last one. It may worked, but I remember everyone criticized how fast it drains battery regardless.

                                SShock, 06 Jun 2022“Pretty efficient” and LCD in same sentence is an oxymoron.... moreAnd how is that LG G5 LCD was more efficient than the Samsung S7 Amoled? The whole point was to prove you that is not necessary to have an Amoled for a good working AOD.

                                  Anonymous, 06 Jun 2022or maybe the notion of "innovating" is different ... moreLol, omg

                                    siminum, 06 Jun 2022sometimes you have to agree with the truth; even Forbes Mag... moreYour just describing how the industry as whole works there. Major tech companies buying smaller tech companies or start ups with a view to implement talent, IP or patents is how the game is played. But this term ‘innovation’ is over used to the point where it has lost practically all meaning.

                                    And yes Apple share a good deal of the blame there, as do practically all tech companies. As an example one need only go look at the product page for the A53 5G right now to see Samsung waffling on about how the inclusion of a slightly faster modem is a ‘point of innovation’….I mean come on!!!!!

                                    At least with them though it’s simple marketing speil, thought up by people looking to make what they believe to be impactful statements in order to sell products, as per their job requirements.

                                    It’s less forgivable to see consumers and tech journalists endlessly calling for rapid innovation however. To expect innovation on so frequent a basis is naive at best, delusional at worst.

                                      Anonymous, 06 Jun 2022or maybe the notion of "innovating" is different ... moresometimes you have to agree with the truth; even Forbes Magazine has stated that Apple has stopped innovating years ago, nowadays it just buys other companies and labels their products or services with Apple brand and then closes the respective company - this can hardly be called innovation (even future VR Glasses of Apple is the product/work of several companies bought by Apple in the last years)

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                                        • 06 Jun 2022

                                        Anonymous, 06 Jun 2022or maybe the notion of "innovating" is different ... moreYou mean like bringing AOD in 2022....Ahahahaha