Poco X4 GT arrives with Dimensity 8100, Poco F4 brings an SD870

23 June 2022
The X4 GT is the first Poco with a 144Hz display. The F4 is the first to have optical stabilization on its main camera.

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  • Kxf
  • 23 Jun 2022

where 120w fast charging config? faak xiaomi

    POCO team if by any chance your reading this..

    Please bring back 2mp dedicated low light cameras like in the Lenovo Z6pro

    It offers more valuable than 2mp macro especially in computational photography where that data from such a sensitive lens can be combined with the main lens

    The low 2mp resolution doesn't matter... Please I beg you the market is ready for that

      Can someone confirm that Indonesia rom ( with Mi dialer app) will available for both phones?

        specs are impressive, it's internal specs is like a semi gaming phones with sleek body like normal phones. For €400 is not too bad price.

          Steve Madden, 23 Jun 2022E4 AMOLED 😬 Expect green tint and black crush, i have a Po... moreThey won't listen

          Amoled is the Apple logo equivalent on Android tech forums

          Your not allowed to criticize amoled or mention that it has short comings

          Every amoled display is automatically the best without any testing

          You hear people talk about deep blacks but they don't talk about black crush destroying details in low light video etc

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            • AnonD-1033007
            • g8K
            • 23 Jun 2022

            The Poco X4 GT is beautiful, i like it. Too bad it has buggy MIUI 😕

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              • 23 Jun 2022

              Steve Madden, 23 Jun 2022E4 AMOLED 😬 Expect green tint and black crush, i have a Po... moreProbably Samsung yield lottery

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                • 23 Jun 2022

                The X4 GT Here practically retails at the same starting price of the older X3 GT

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                  • 23 Jun 2022

                  The X4 GT is pretty good value I'd say
                  I guess Poco wants to make the decision between the X4 GT and the F4 hard for us

                    "Poco has listened to your demands and has brought back the 3.5mm headphone jack"

                    No they didn't listen many also want micro SD support. I will not buy a phone without it

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                      • TrinI
                      • KsM
                      • 23 Jun 2022

                      X4 GT has headphone jack thats more than worth the price.

                        Rkm, 23 Jun 20222 year warranty is pretty good. Been hearing a lot of ”bric... moreMy X3 GT has had no issues with update or anything else.

                          E4 AMOLED 😬
                          Expect green tint and black crush, i have a Poco F3, you've been warned.
                          Also expect the fast charging and OIS on main camera the rest is same as F3 or worst, that doesn't justify +100$ in price.

                            I don't see any immediate need to upgrade from X3 GT.
                            However, €299 ($315) and €349 ($365) price tags are pretty aggressive as this is a Poco tradition.

                              Great phone, I liked the new liquid cooling technology, the sustainable gaming stability, the OIS camera and the design looks better imo.
                              But I will be keeping my poco F3 for another year or two.

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                                • Rkm
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                                • 23 Jun 2022

                                2 year warranty is pretty good. Been hearing a lot of ”bricking after update” issues, even their X3 pro.

                                  Finally the LCD formula gives us an amazing Dimensity 8100

                                  Not like the amoled disgrace we got in the X4pro with 695 .... SMH

                                  The display on this will last forever, even has DC dimming and FULL DC dimming amoled cannot utilize true DC dimming

                                  Hands down this display will beat any amoled in its class from sheer color volume and display sharpness

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                                    • MasEnha
                                    • yMb
                                    • 23 Jun 2022

                                    Wow that Poco X4 GT turned out to be what I really did expected. Very unfortunate, I decided to cancel phone upgrade and go with PS5.

                                      they tested a sub-flagship phone with kids games. wth!!! i hope others will test those device with genshin impact at highest setting possible.

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                                        • sw{
                                        • 23 Jun 2022

                                        Too many F4's