Nothing to price the phone (1) between $400 and $450

28 June 2022
There are going to be three prices, for three memory options.

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Still only paying 200$ for this outdated useless gimmick phone.

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    • Anonymous
    • nyH
    • 28 Jun 2022

    Kingchin33, 28 Jun 2022$400 - $450 (which will probably equate to £450/£500, €450/... moreYou can bet this phone will cost more than 450-500€ here in Europe.

      Anonymous, 28 Jun 2022HAHAAHAHAH that price. Makes the Poco F4 and Poco X4 GT a bargain$400 - $450 (which will probably equate to £450/£500, €450/€500 in UK and Europe) is cheap for a phone! You obviously must live in a third world country where money is tight no offence.

      Here in the UK even with the financial crisis people still spend over a hundred pounds on a night out. Or blow a couple of hundred pounds on clothes etc.

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        • Zuck De Snadth
        • 61C
        • 28 Jun 2022

        Madara Uchiha, 28 Jun 2022Better get A52s or Poco F4I don't think poco F4 is worth it
        X4gt is way better than F4 (beside that LCD pannel [ but some people loves it])

        Or just go for F3 for cheapest price

        For A52S, it's a no brainer if we compared it with the latest A series line up

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          • nX9
          • 28 Jun 2022

          HAHAAHAHAH that price. Makes the Poco F4 and Poco X4 GT a bargain

            Darknoor, 28 Jun 2022Said it before, saying it now, NOPE. This is phone will se... more100,000+ invite pre-orders in only 3 days, would of been much more in 3 days if Nothing had sent out much more invites to people! You personally may not like Nothing or the Phone 1 but it is the most talked about smartphone on social media and YouTube. It's going to sell like hot cakes in the launch countries....

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              • vxM
              • 28 Jun 2022

              The price seems okay for given chipset model.

                Teasers...?? seriously???
                MKBHD showed it in full colours

                  Said it before, saying it now, NOPE.
                  This is phone will sell only because of the hype it created and nothing more. Expected to die very soon if they do not sell enough, which should happen if people thought for a minute before placing an order.

                    I find that pricing to be decent....FOR NOW though!

                      Better get A52s or Poco F4

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                        • AnonD-1033007
                        • g8K
                        • 28 Jun 2022

                        Immediately no.

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                          • 28 Jun 2022

                          Looks good for the price. There's a metal frame. It's even got LED lights.

                          Impressive. Very nice.

                            Honestly, i don't see any kind of appealing factors in this whatsoever. This phone screams mediocre all around...

                              What kind of joke is this, SD 778+ for $400 - $450??? 😂