Nothing phone (1) to start from €470 in Europe, Amazon leak reveals

30 June 2022
That’s the price for the 8/128 GB version, the 12/256 GB will be €550.

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Momo.crypto, 30 Jun 2022The price of the phone is way too high as no OIS nor IP cer... moreMan since when IP certification is mandatory???
Did you saw how Samsung ended at Australian fields???
For misleading water resistance adds 14 million dolalr fine.
IP resistance is nothing just a costly gimmick as long as no manufactuer ever given a water damage warranty to your device along with regular warranty.
Once you down your phone you have to pay expensive repair nobody will fix it for you for free.
Costly gimmicks like IP resistances shouldnt be taken seriously.

    YC, 30 Jun 2022Another android crap with 8/12 Gb RamWay better than apple with 4GB ram single camera and 64GB disk space for 600 when released and a body of a 2016 phone

      Anonymous, 30 Jun 2022Samsung A52 is the same and cheaper... Samsung A52 is year old and did not came with android 12 and will never gets android 15.

        Darknoor, 30 Jun 2022The hype goes higher but the phone remains a non-impressive... morePlease educate us which 2022 phone like this one with 3 OS updates and zero bloatware is better at this price tag of 470 euros???

          Hey Du, 30 Jun 2022I got my Xiaomi 11t for 250€ in Media Markt and it's b... moreMan comparing year odl phone to a brand new is ridiculous.
          I can buy S20 ultra for 250 eur here at my store used one and is better than your 11T.
          But comparing used and brand new devices is so oldschool.

            AnonD-1033007, 30 Jun 2022I would choose Samsung any day over Nothing (1), i would ev... moreMan its 120Hz read the specs please and it contains no bloatware compared to samsung.
            Also samsung dont come with charger and many else.
            Midrange samsung phones comes with 2 OS updates this have 3.
            Just sayin.
            There is plenty lot better compared to any samsung midranger with up to 470 price tag like this phone and i am speaking about 2022 samsung devices.

              Anonymous, 30 Jun 2022This rebranded Oppo phone doesn't deserve to compete w... moreMan pixel 6 gets 3 OS updates maybe 4 not 5.
              And S21 FE aint better.
              Nothing is pure android experience compared to typical samsung bloatware.

                L.O.R.D, 30 Jun 2022Nothing could have put a slightly better processor in it. N... moreMan SD778+ will run any app equally fast as any other SD8XX or SD8 gen 1 CPU.
                Maybe the loading time will be slower by 0,2 seconds or so but once app or game is trunning it will run equally smooth and fast.

                  Anonymous, 30 Jun 2022Way to expensive, i get a new Mi11 Ultra with 12/256GB for ... moreHahah you funny.
                  And Mi 11 ultra is 2021 phone not 2022 also you cant buy it for 470 thats not possibôe.

                    Anonymous, 30 Jun 2022A noname brand with mid range specs for 470 euro? Are you s... moreMidrange???
                    Please educate us which 2022 brand new phone have better or simmilar specs for 470 bucks and no bloatware inside with 3 OS updates???

                      Chixby, 30 Jun 2022Why everyone is so excited about this phone? It's noth... moreThere is lot special things you either dont see or dont wanna see.

                        Anonymous, 30 Jun 2022Yes you will, Samsung and Google (I wouldn't recommend... moreMan which google or Samsung 2022 phone for 470 uses better CPU than this phone???
                        And he mentoided no bloatware UI and yet samsung is full of bloatware.

                          pufanu, 30 Jun 2022They could have used an SD860/870 at this price point. It a... moreMan which 2022 phone have that kind CPU and GPU for 470 euros??

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                            • Maahi
                            • fCP
                            • 01 Jul 2022

                            This is very nice phone yaar its unbelievable. I think everyone has to buy this phone

                              Anonymous, 01 Jul 2022And for how much A52s was announced? €449 (6/128GB) and €5... moreYou do know that brand new, unopened and unused products have price drops, right? I don't care how much was A52s when new, if I'm buying a phone only thing I care is how much it costs this moment. And if it's still a better deal (and probably also performance) than a brand new phone coming out, why wouldn't I get it? Because it was 5 million € just few months ago? Thing is, all Android phones depreciate in just months. Galaxy S22 Ultra was like 1200€ when new. Now you can get it for under 1000€. And it was released like in February 2022 or something... If you're in no rush to get brand new model, just wait few months and you'll get it for much cheaper while not being left out on software support since Samsung offers it for many years anyway. Win win.

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                                • 7kd
                                • 01 Jul 2022

                                New company. Don't know how good will be after sale service. Camera No OIS. 778+ processor we are getting with other brands with low price. India market wil never buy these phone if sold above 23 k.

                                  SShock, 30 Jun 2022It's also half the price basically. It's not that... moreRealme software support is good. Dimensity 920 is great for battery efficiency. I just don't know about CA. A52s supports upto 6CA. Redmi/Realme skimp on such things.

                                    Anonymous, 30 Jun 2022This rebranded Oppo phone doesn't deserve to compete w... moreI will recommend Oppo Reno 8 Pro with Dimensity 8100 over this easily on any day.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • Lkg
                                      • 01 Jul 2022

                                      SShock, 30 Jun 2022I literally have no clue what you were criticizing here. An... moreAnd for how much A52s was announced? €449 (6/128GB) and €509 (8/256GB).

                                      If the phone have all this and Samsung had charged €600 still would be better deal than €449 without these things.

                                      Gray market is full of second hand phones sold as new. Not interested.
                                      If phone is announced for €900-1200, but 3-4 months later is already found for €550-600, be sure they are not really new, but used for couple weeks.

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                                        • Lkg
                                        • 01 Jul 2022

                                        DMX, 30 Jun 2022In 200/250 it would be good to give it to the son who passe... moreThis phone was announced for almost 500 euros.
                                        Dont care if people are selling used phones and pretend they are new for half the price.