Xiaomi 12S and 12S Pro debut: Leica cameras, Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset

04 July 2022
The two models improve the camera hardware and software compared to the 12 and 12 Pro and bring a more efficient chipset.

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  • JoXim
  • Yeu
  • 04 Jul 2022

12x is the best option in 12 series by far.

    cyber, 04 Jul 2022another crap upgrade on already crap modelsNo way be nice🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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      • Czuba
      • SYG
      • 04 Jul 2022

      Aierlan, 04 Jul 2022It's the same as the Xiaomi 12. Whatever ultrasonic ty... moreXiaomi 12 (Pro) has a AI virtual proximity sensor. It works horrible and that's why I ask about the proximity sensor. If they would add an optical proximity sensor then it would be great.
      I already owned multiple phones from Xiaomi and there are only problems with the virtual proximity sensors. It's like they don't know how to use them, so they just come up with new names to make some hype.

        Didn't the 12 series just get released like 3 months ago? Why so soon for a refresh?

          yalim, 04 Jul 2022what is the marketing department of xiaomi doing? launching... moreYou must be new to Xiaomi then. They also have Redmi and Poco subrands. They also had Black Shark, but they sold it off. They just spam new phones to the market with many small and useless changes and constantly do renamings and rebrands and spam even more devices to the market. It's also one of reasons why their software support is exceptionally trash. There is just no way anyone can support so many different devices well. And because of this dumb behavior, they lost many customers including me. Also, them thinking they are Chinese Apple suddenly and jacking up prices like they are premium top tier. Hint, they aren't. You have to be insane to pay 1000€ for ANY Xiaomi phone. Hell, it would be a very hard sell for 800€. At 350€, they used to be amazing and even if they had issues or compromises, they were cheap and you can excuse a lot of things with low price. Now they inflated the price like they personalize perfection, while not really changing anything except just throwing bigger numbers and better hardware at products. While still neglecting them after they are sold just like years ago. They really need to up that or they'll never see me buy their stuff ever again.

            Czuba, 04 Jul 2022Is there a mistake on the site or have they seriously added... moreIt's the same as the Xiaomi 12. Whatever ultrasonic type solution they have used on the Xiaomi 12 is also being used here.

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              • Czuba
              • SYG
              • 04 Jul 2022

              Is there a mistake on the site or have they seriously added a proximity sensor?

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                • Rahul
                • XPw
                • 04 Jul 2022

                But can it compare to iphone in real world????

                  On come on you're using a camera brand name on your phone and still giving useless telemacro

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                    • cyber
                    • S2D
                    • 04 Jul 2022

                    another crap upgrade on already crap models

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                      • yalim
                      • T4}
                      • 04 Jul 2022

                      what is the marketing department of xiaomi doing? launching two series of flagships only afew months away just to upgrade the chipset! that is such a trash strategy and waste of resources.they must have launced with s8+g1 right away.

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                        • PIA
                        • 04 Jul 2022

                        Xiaomi all out

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                          • 04 Jul 2022

                          AnonD-1033007, 04 Jul 2022I'm so confused, why couldn't they put all this i... moreComplaints should be addressed to Qualcomm for 2 years of failures: 888 and 8.1.

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                            • blue
                            • nrH
                            • 04 Jul 2022

                            Xiaomi must be really desperate if all they can introduce is this. Maybe they should fix their SW first, then make new phones.

                              Rosso, 04 Jul 2022I am guessing these just like 12 Ultra are sadly China only... moreYeah, I like this model too but the pricing has increased by 8% again compared to the launch price of the Xiaomi 12. Going with a similar 8% increase in overseas markets it would be a tough sell. The Xiaomi 12 was already slightly on the expensive side at launch. The Xiaomi 12 can also be picked up a lot cheaper at times on sales and being a new model the 12s won't really drop in price until the November 11th sales even in China just before the Xiaomi 13 is launched in December

                                As expected no article coverage on the Dimensity 9000+ version

                                  Why does the non pro retain a useless camera instead of a telephoto?

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                                    • Maria
                                    • X{g
                                    • 04 Jul 2022

                                    The 12S Pro for sure but do we still have an adv inside the MIUI ?

                                      AnonD-1033007, 04 Jul 2022I'm so confused, why couldn't they put all this i... moreAnd this is why I don't like Xiaomi and I probably never will like unless they change the way they do business. They just spam models into market, paired with now super inflated prices and terrible software support, there is just so many better options. Back when their "flagship" Mi models were cheap, I could forgive all sorts of things. Now they price them like they are the top s**t. Well, they aren't.

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                                        • Rosso
                                        • 3LF
                                        • 04 Jul 2022

                                        I am guessing these just like 12 Ultra are sadly China only

                                        Such a shame, I was quite interested in 12S, especially if upgraded Snapdragon 8 Gen 1+ was actually better with heat and battery