Counterpoint: TSMC controlled 70% of the Q1 chipset shipments

07 July 2022
Samsung Foundry accounted for the majority of the remaining 30%.

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  • 07 Jul 2022

Qualcomm, Apple, Nvidia, AMD and anyone else who's at TSMC should be praying that nothing happens to Taiwan, because the moment something happens, all of those will go down without chips.

The only options are Samsung (shit production nodes) and Intel, which is actually opening up to produce chips for third parties.

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    • 07 Jul 2022

    DMX, 07 Jul 2022Google, what are you waiting for to move to the TSMC Node?You want an exynos to be made at tsmc? LOL

      Qualcomm also asked TSMC to manufacture the next-generation Snapdragon, which is unfortunate for Samsung, but TSMC will enjoy a boom for a long time to come, and consumers will be satisfied with its performance. Of course, smartphones can continue to be expensive as TSMC continues to raise prices.

        and yet, no one is angry about them having a monopoly, didn't you people see that they raised their prices by 20% last year? and they will most likely raise it again since companies are transferring the extra cost to the customer.

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          • 07 Jul 2022

          Google, what are you waiting for to move to the TSMC Node?