Xiaomi 12S Ultra in for review

07 July 2022
The pinnacle of phone imaging rounded off with the highest level of specs.

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IpsDisplay, 07 Jul 2022Yet still no one is yet to push camera hardware beyond its ... moreHuawei software was far better than Xiaomi software. That's the only cons right for using Xiaomi smartphone. I will.prefer Oxygen OS any time of the day over MIUI.

    Yet still no one is yet to push camera hardware beyond its boundaries

    All of this 12 UTRA has Huawei ambition/DNA all over it and it still barely doing anything new from where Huawei left off

    And no global release either .. I've been told this is to prevent facing the same fate like Huawei did

    And only now it is rumoured apple is going periscope for the iPhone 15 .. Samsung still being lazy as ever with their NM technology and smartphone innovation

    Real sad time ahead for innovation.. only fast charging is aggressively improving

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      • Lkg
      • 07 Jul 2022

      Calvin62, 07 Jul 2022Why bother when its exclusive for China.There are people that will be buying this anyway.

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        • pQr
        • 07 Jul 2022

        Note that the Honor Magic 4 Ultimate captures slightly more light per time.

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          • 07 Jul 2022

          Can we get a versus just like you used to do in the past?

          vs S22U, Mi11U, and X80 pro, thanks.

            Mi 11 Ultra design-wise looks more like a successor to 12s Ultra than 12s Ultra to Mi 11 Ultra.

              Why bother when its exclusive for China.

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                • 07 Jul 2022

                I believe this is a "well-done" phone, so it must be difficult to find out the weakness, but the advertising UI :( My only complaint beside the UI is the name, why do Xiaomi choose the word "Ultra" as that word is used by Samsung first.

                  Its ehh