Ubuntu smartphones to arrive in October says Canonical CEO

07 February, 2013
The Linux-based mobile OS will hit the Galaxy Nexus in a specially designed ROM at the end of February.

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  • AnonD-76384

I would DEFINITELY take this over an andriod phone...Anyday

Antiguan, 07 Feb 2013X is correct. BB10 OS will pass windows so fast its not funny. T... moreDont get me wrong , I am hoping for that to happen ... BB 10 OS reminds me of MeeGo so much . I wish that my N9 had more of useful apps ... hope that developers make more of BB 10 OS than it happened with MeeGo. Even Ubuntu for mobile has something MeeGoish in it . I hope that android and BB 10 OS become the two competing OSes , because Apple makes it hard for creative ideas to get to the end user - with those god damn patent violation lawsuits !

  • Ubuntu Takeover

October!!! Can't Frikkin Wait!!! Aweessoommmeee!!!!

  • AnonD-23733

Hope that it will be compatible with HTC Sensation!

  • AnonD-110344

Just a small correction: Canonical's CEO is Jane Silber, not Mark Shuttleworth.

  • x0ragon

i cant wait to taste the new agressive mobile OS! Goodluck Ubuntu!!!!

  • Krish

Though ubunto is linux based os it may be problem of abscenc of firewal in os is this problem solved?

  • Anonymous

Will it be available in India?

  • AnonD-43848

If Ubuntu hasn't stragically understand the trend of spec on the techie world.

they might end up of having less consumer.

I hope the line up would start from Quad Core 1.4 and +16GB Capacity.

  • Ubuntu means Humanit

This seems like its going to be very interesting, fellow South African taking a shot at the mobile OS market, wish him all the best

  • AnonD-110329

This will be interesting. I'm curious!!!

  • Muscatv1n

This is the most aggressively and toughest faught market segment, aside from tablets. Entering at this late stage is going to be very dificult. How many hardware manufactures are going to create phones for yet another platform?? Good luck.

  • AnonD-73576

This might be a huge success, the multitasking feature are stunning & running desktop Ubuntu softwares, A mini PC.

  • AnonD-110318

cant wait to get it in my hands

  • sac

system requirements??

  • x

Ubuntu to come in october and that time is the arrival of iphone 5s and android key lime pie and bb10 still rising so r.i.p to ubuntu.

  • x

Just wait for android key lime pie 5.0

  • Bill

They're not handling their PR very well with
this at all: Gone is the era of 6+ months
between announcing and then shipping an
actual phone. Other technology will have likely
superseded their offering by then, and the public
will have lost interest. B-)

  • Raju sesharaj

the os looks way polished and better performing than android... and ubuntu is making more eyecandy... would love if it is a native os so I would get better performance in same hardware... wish I had a galaxy nexus

  • Anonymous

Android is def... going down, come October *Can't wait*