HMD announces Nokia 2660 Flip, 5710 XpressAudio and 8210 4G feature phones

12 July 2022
New minimalist takes on classic Nokia phones form the past.

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Poor cameras and they could have put in 2000mah battery

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    • 15 Jul 2022

    If some of you guys don't know, the "S" for S30, S40, S60, S80, S90 is not Symbian, it just "Series".
    Because Nokia S30 (exclude the old monochrome S30) and S40 uses Java interface and not open source Symbian like Series 60, 80, 90.
    So, stop saying Symbian 40 or 30 because it's not Symbian, babe.

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      • 15 Jul 2022

      Qwerty, 13 Jul 2022Why limit SD cards to 32gb?It probably doesn't read exFAT formatted sd cards, only FAT32, which normally only goes to 32GB. (Nintendo 3DS has such a limitation too) There are ways to get around it with something like GUIformat, but it doesn't change the fact that cards bigger than 32GB aren't FAT32 out of the box.

        YoloBS, 14 Jul 2022Plz release some phone with symbian os or at least s40 / As... moreI absolutely agree.
        I remember when Nokia used to make smartphones with 1400 mah battery, that lasted 2 days, with a proper colour OLED Screen and smartphone features. I still own such a masterpiece, Nokia 808 Pureview.
        On today's smartphone, let me just not say anything.

          GeeSquer4U, 14 Jul 2022Totally wrong. Firefox OS was there previously and this kai... moreWell, I heard somewhere it was based on Linux and with your comment when I googled, I'm getting both results.
          But anyhow, ya, your point is accepted.

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            • 14 Jul 2022

            YUKI93, 13 Jul 2022"Windows Phone was a lousy system..." I totall... moreYep totally if Windows OS was still a thing I would be using that over anything else for sure sad they never carried on.

              Samath N8 808 owner, 13 Jul 2022KaiOS is acquired by Mozilla/ Firefox now, and is probably/... moreTotally wrong. Firefox OS was there previously and this kaiOS company took opensource version of Firefox OS and made kaiOS.

              The reason Nokia stopped using kaios is it's laggy buggy slow and whatever.

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                • 14 Jul 2022

                Nomi, 14 Jul 2022I think there will be no market value of these new nokia ph... moreYes

                  Plz release some phone with symbian os or at least s40 / Asha os . Maybe try qwerty phone like E72 next time .

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                    • 14 Jul 2022

                    I think there will be no market value of these new nokia phones bcz of their high prices! With these prices one can buy good specs Android phone

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                      • 13 Jul 2022

                      Lonteku, 13 Jul 2022Thanks mate for u replied to whom still believe that HMD is... moreFunny story the smartphone department was supposed to be a in-house one, but even they gave up.

                        N0KiAF4N, 13 Jul 2022It is very sad what happened to Nokia. Elop from Microsoft ... more"Windows Phone was a lousy system..."

                        I totally beg to differ. I used to be an Android user before switching to Windows Phone since July 2016 and you know what? It's a completely different league between the two, especially when it come to low-end devices. Had if Microsoft commit to the competition seriously, then Windows Phone can easily be a worthy third mobile OS.

                          ok, the conclusion here is HMD is still trying to beat a dead horse

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                            • 13 Jul 2022

                            hmd turned nokia to a crappy chinese clones from the past

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                              • 13 Jul 2022

                              Any Idea when Nokia will do India Launch of these Cool phones...Tired of 6 to 7 inch smart ass phones... Not sure if Indian Government does not allow phones from Nokia as other phone manufacturers give lot of money to Government and avoid Nokia launching these good they fear Nokia might take over and rule the market again.

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                                • 13 Jul 2022

                                Speedy, 13 Jul 2022Ik think they use 30s Symbian OSS30 and S40 never was a Symbian platforms. Only S60, S80 and S90 was based on Symbian.

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                                  • 13 Jul 2022

                                  Ik think they use 30s Symbian OS

                                    Wantedly killing these feature phones with tiny battery and micro-usb

                                      Anonymous, 13 Jul 2022No mention about which OS is beung used? Iirc, Nokia always... moreKaiOS is acquired by Mozilla/ Firefox now, and is probably/maybe not a secure OS anymore.
                                      I'm sure by now it has backdoors to leak data to USA just like Android/iOS.
                                      Good that Nokia is ignoring it.

                                      This is what they said, "Mozilla is happy to partner with KaiOS, a company that shares our commitment to an internet that includes all the peoples of the earth"

                                      Ignoring the grammatical error "peoples", I think the intention is clear- internet + everyone on earth.
                                      I think I'm clear.

                                        My god.

                                        I had this idea of earphones popping out of the phone itself.
                                        I swear to God, I had this idea and never saw it elsewhere (if at all it existed before)..

                                        Man, I feel I'm wasting my talents just teaching my students... This is probably the 4th or 5th time, my ideas were imagined and implemented by someone else first.