HMD announces Nokia 2660 Flip, 5710 XpressAudio and 8210 4G feature phones

12 July 2022
New minimalist takes on classic Nokia phones form the past.

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  • 13 Jul 2022

Any Idea when Nokia will do India Launch of these Cool phones...Tired of 6 to 7 inch smart ass phones... Not sure if Indian Government does not allow phones from Nokia as other phone manufacturers give lot of money to Government and avoid Nokia launching these good they fear Nokia might take over and rule the market again.

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    • pma
    • 13 Jul 2022

    It is very sad what happened to Nokia. Elop from Microsoft came to be CEO and killed Symbian, killed MeeGo development. He didnt allow Android phones to be tried when the market was young and was developing very fast.
    Then Nokia after poor results with Windows Phone had to sell the phone department to Microsoft [strange, since the new boss was from MS;)].
    Microsoft soon sold Nokia's phone division to China - Foxconn.
    And now HMD has been producing poor phones for years using the Nokia brand. Nokia ended up with Nokia 808 Pure View. Windows Phone was a lousy system, it was introduced when it was in beta version and Microsoft closed the project - Nokia paid for it with "life".
    What they are doing with this brand now is the fall of the most recognizable company in phones market ever and great leader in past.

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      • 05Q
      • 13 Jul 2022

      Why limit SD cards to 32gb?

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        • 63x
        • 13 Jul 2022

        No mention about which OS is beung used? Iirc, Nokia always use KaiOS for their feature phone. No idea what is happening with KaiOS now.

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          • Satya
          • X$i
          • 13 Jul 2022

          Pd, 12 Jul 2022Nokia e52 best phone everNokia can bring slight big screen more and with Old style. Best . 1999-2005 best era for Nokia. Now model will be good but screen size improvement will work wonder. All the best Team Nokia

            Jackpot, 12 Jul 2022No KaiOS in any of them? Because kaiOS sucks

              OMG Grandpa Nokia, the more Nokia launch a new product it seems that the brand technology and features goes backwards. OMG. Nokia, still snake ladder? Nowadays who cares about earbuds?

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                • Bhavesh
                • iiV
                • 13 Jul 2022

                Camera And Atleast 2000 Phone Contacts Support is Must For 4g Featured Phone

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                  • fCC
                  • 13 Jul 2022

                  Year 2050:

                  Every company releasing flagships

                  Nokia launches another basic phone with a micro-USB and VGA camera running on S30 OS

                    nanagdad, 12 Jul 2022Who uses such phones?Elder people but not limited to others like poor, disabled, etc.

                      Sreeder1983 , 12 Jul 2022Is this a joke ???You shouldn't feel sense of humor for yourself that where those saying "Is this a joke?"

                        Just A dude, 12 Jul 2022If you don't like it then say it and say it with some ... moreThe reason why those who downplay or calling HMD Global a "Chinese company", this shouldn't feel sense of nostalgic for those HMD Global downplayer til it make improve

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                          • 13 Jul 2022

                          AnonD-1048858, 12 Jul 2022No I think what they meant is HMD outsource up to 88-90% of... moreThanks mate for u replied to whom still believe that HMD is pure Nokia. HMD just hired Chinese desaigner because they can't paid Finland designer as well. All Nokia "reborn" from HMD looks very bland and toyish.

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                            • 7kp
                            • 12 Jul 2022

                            OfficialTRider, 12 Jul 2022Need at least 5MP cam on back for decent social media posts... moreLmao dude these are feature phones, better to buy a smart phone if you want to use all those apps

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                              • oxyo
                              • Kgb
                              • 12 Jul 2022

                              Ali, 12 Jul 2022They should bring back Nokia 6600 with was such a ... moreThe original NOKIA 6600 was not clamshell, I guess you mean NOKIA 6600 “Fold”. 🤔

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                                • 12 Jul 2022

                                you have to suffer, 12 Jul 2022isnt the 6600 was a potato shaped phone?Nokia e52 best phone ever

                                  Need at least 5MP cam on back for decent social media posts and 2MP on front for video calling. 5G recommended, 4G minimum. A decent video calling app like WhatsApp or telegram support; social media apps like Facebook, instagram, Twitter; and YouTube.

                                    Ali, 12 Jul 2022They should bring back Nokia 6600 with was such a ... moreisnt the 6600 was a potato shaped phone?

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                                      • 12 Jul 2022

                                      They should bring back Nokia 6600 with was such a nice clamshell...

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                                        • 12 Jul 2022

                                        cozxta, 12 Jul 2022Wtf? HMD Global isn't Chinese, they're Finnish.No I think what they meant is HMD outsource up to 88-90% of there handsets which are designed by Chinese companies like Wingtech a amongst others.

                                        HMD is buying generic phones with very average specs from Wingtech, then stamp a NOKIA logo on them, and finally sell such devices at 60% more than they would cost sold as such by Wingtech.