First 200 MP camera sample from Moto Edge 30 Ultra emerges

14 July 2022
Company exec posts a photo with the phone that’s going to be sold as X30 Pro in China.

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  • 14 Oct 2023

We are all glorifying processing. In reality it's nothing more than some algorithms designed to set white balance, sharpening etc to some degree based on if it is low light, day light etc. Also sometimes it benefits from multiple shots, one at lower exposure and one at high to blend in to get the perfectly balanced hdr shot. But can these algorithms cater to literally every situation? Like for every shot, apply a unique processing algorithm? It is very difficult to do that. So they choose the other option. Go with what the majority demands. Plastic mannequin look, no details, nice hdr these are prioritised more, social media preferences

While in iphones, you get a much natural looking real life sharper photo because they apply little to no post processing keeping the sensor quality as is, perhaps churning out the processing prowess mostly only for hdr capabilities. If atleast one Android phone could follow this suite of minimal to no post processing, you can get way better photos. Cannot cater well to all scenarios, but in general you can study the behaviour of the cameras actual picture and then do subtle processing.

What i see with almost all Android phones is the preference towards unnatural less detailed, but good hdr photos. This wasn't the case earlier. Like for instance OnePlus 7 pro. Used to have a more natural rendition of the scene instead of looking like painting.

If Moto can do this, atleast as a 'Real tone' option, would be fantastic and also in their next flagship they can remove wireless charging, reverse wireless charging, increase zoom cam resolution, use a periscope lens (optional), use a 2k screen (a must), introduce a tiny screen at the back for selfie preview and loose the front camera(optional), use 150w watt charger, charge maybe 15k more than edge 30 ultra. Headphone jack with his res 32bit dac? Well that would be incredible

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    • 19 Jul 2022

    Its really better in future.motorola always keep in mind the customer requirement

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      • N6S
      • 18 Jul 2022

      To late Motorola Xiaomi made there mi 12s ultra

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        • 17 Jul 2022

        Untiop, 15 Jul 2022I'm so confused about pixel binning for last few days.... moreStrictly speaking it's a hardware-level function, but it might as well be software, software could do the same task only better (IQ-wise), but hardware binning is done at a hardware level for faster readout and a lower data load downstream, this could translate to a faster burst rate and/or a slower buffer fill, lower preview latency etc. so software binning has the downsides of a higher processing load, higher storage requirements etc. and none of the speed advantages of hardware binning.
        Quad bayer severely lowers the chromatic resolution of the full readout making a stronger argument for a binned readout, which would be hardware based, but then doing the full readout and remosiacing could technically still provide superior IQ, I honestly don't know which one is actually being done when the default output is 12.5MP, it's hard to see through all the different processing done to an OOCJPG from a smartphone these days. Also, the full readout sample here is waxy, as always, but IIRC there have been certain cases in which reviewers tried converting the full res DNG and got superior results than 50MP OOCJPG, so it's hard to tell the natural disadvantage of the color filter from bad processing. I've always thought that the full potential of a quad bayer sensor could be realized only through Gcam doing a stack of full readouts, with that subpixel sampling (forgot what it's called) enabled.

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          • 17 Jul 2022

          Lccy, 14 Jul 20221 inch 3:2 has a crop factor of 2.7, with 4:3 the crop fact... moreAFAIK the crop factor is based on the diagonal, so unless you're telling me type-1" 4:3 has a different diagonal than type-1" 3:2 I think it's the same. The FoV of a 1" module in a phone is also unlikely to have a FoV of less than 24mm equiv. so taking that into account not even f/2.8 at FF is "razor thin" except near MFD. A 24/1.4 might be called "razor thin" if shot reasonably close.

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            • 16 Jul 2022

            Better looking than I expected. Especially if it's already compressed.
            This 200mp sensor might bring okish looking photos. At least compared to whats out currently anyway...

              So it looks like you get 50 real pixels. Very nice. I hope it has a good enough lens to output the detail of 50 MP.

                Yuri84, 15 Jul 2022200mp sounds cool but the image looks horrendous when zoome... moreSamsung has disabled band locking through June update and it sucks.

                  I don't care about camera. Please make it flat panel and 8+ gen 1 under 550USD for 256GB. You don't release 256GB in my country. Sad AF.

                    Apl hype no bite as usual with phone makers these days. Recycling

                      Here we go again with the bigger is better marketing hype that is full of sound and furyl, signifying nothing. Most people take pictures of moving subjects like pets and children, yet both the mobile marketing divisions and reviewers refuse to include this true real world test of a mobile camera's capabilities in their reviews. Capture a blur-free image of a rambunctious toddler in action and I'll take notice. Even a low end mobile can capture a decent snap of a stagnant flower on a brightly lit day.

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                        • 15 Jul 2022

                        It just give the depth in video..
                        That's all

                          Untiop, 15 Jul 2022I'm so confused about pixel binning for last few days.... moreThere is no upscaling when pixel binning.

                          You either choose the lower 12MP pixel binning resolution (or whatever your phone default pixel binning MP resolution) in the camera settings before you take the picture.

                          Or alternatively choose the highest resolution (100MP or more if you haven't very high MegaPixel phone) of the sensor without any pixel binning in the camera settings before you take a picture 📸

                          Usually the pixel binned image will look overall better. Though in very good light conditions high resolution images taken without any pixel binning can look good.

                            200mp sounds cool but the image looks horrendous when zoomed in. At least on the edges of paper. Tons of blur. Did they take 16 pictures at different times while the paper was moving? Or did they move the sensor while keeping the lens static? Or is this just aberration or other optical effect of crappy lens?

                            I think I'll keep my A52s, it takes decent pictures.

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                              • 15 Jul 2022

                              S Yu, 14 Jul 2022It will definitely default to 12MP, no need for an "op... moreI'm so confused about pixel binning for last few days.
                              I was thinking pixel binning is actually a software thing(not sure. Maybe it partly is when binning different number of pixels than what the sensor bins).

                              But recently I saw that binning is done at the RGB colour filter level over the sensor. So quad Bayer filter used over a 50 Megapixel camera outputs native 12.5 MP image right? And only after doing something called re-moasaic or something the image is upscaled back to 50 MP right?
                              So all the higher megapixel sensors(Max of 108 till date) natively outputs 12-12.5 MP just with bigger pixel size.

                              And when I checked in Samsung website for HP1, it says 4*4 = 16 to 1 pixel binning. So 200/16 = 12.5 MP should be the native output which is them upscaled to 50 or full 200 megapixel through software.
                              Isn't this what's happening..? I'm confused. If someone could share exact info on this it'd be great! Thanks :)

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                                • 15 Jul 2022

                                you have to suffer, 15 Jul 2022however, some stupid "average" customers believe ... moreOye Idiot may be you are right but still you are not 100% right... it depends on all of the components of the system

                                  Duke, 14 Jul 2022Let's see a 200mp snap! Any chance of a space zoom on this?taking a picture of mars would just display red circle. nothing else

                                    Anonymous, 15 Jul 2022Well said. Average consumers just don't care about the... morehowever, some stupid "average" customers believe that more ram is faster rather than chipset. they somehow cared about numbers.

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                                      • 15 Jul 2022

                                      you have to suffer, 15 Jul 2022what he said is true. we live in the era where android phon... moreWell said. Average consumers just don't care about the numbers

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                                        • 15 Jul 2022

                                        The photo sample may look enticing, but no one can tell whether that photo sample was an edit or straight from the sensor without any editing whatsoever.