Weekly poll: will you join community of Nothing phone (1) owners?

17 July 2022
Nothing wants to pull in a crowd of like-minded individuals and you need an invite before you can even think about buying one.

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There will be never ever the perfect smartphone guys...

Do not waste the time for looking for that :D
I no longer understand some people here in the chat.
I am switching from a Pixel 3a. It is perfect.

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    • MxZ
    • 17 Jul 2022

    No thx for now . But ill keep on looking, whats next to come 👍🏻

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      • 17 Jul 2022

      -Casey-, 17 Jul 2022How I see it is that they have launched a premium (midrange... moreI think a lot of people just couldn't recommend it over phones from other brands in the same price range because as you said it, "it is a bit expensive for the specs". Saying it will be worth it for the user experience is a bit premature, especially for something that's highly subjective.

      Their pricing shows they know their demographic really well- people who prioritize wireless charging and glyphs aren't the practical type who value price-to-performance ratio. Even if they increased the price by £50, they probably wouldn't lose any of their target customers imho

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        • gXy
        • 17 Jul 2022

        An absolute non-starter for anyone with at least two functional brain cells. At such a price point, they are giving that SoC with a lacking spec sheet and the only USP being some useless lighting gimmick on the back? What kind of a person would actually consider this on pure merits if they aren't some hardcore fangurl or sheel?

        But you do you, go Pay Pei for some middling, overpriced, untested hardware release if you want. Fool and money axiom.

          Sun Sand, 17 Jul 2022Thank God to Nothing for removing charger/adapter from the ... moreYou do realize ppl are buying seperate chargers with their own boxes because of this, right ? Since charging speed is increasing rapidly

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            • 17 Jul 2022

            Sun Sand, 17 Jul 2022Thank God to Nothing for removing charger/adapter from the ... moreAnd users will still need to buy a separate charger with its own packaging for the Nothing phone because it uses a proprietary charging solution. Wake up, brands are not taking out charger for the environment but for extra profit. Just like EVs are not more environmentally friendly than fossil fuel burning cars.

              Nothing special, other than battery consuming led notifications with tiny battery

                Thank God to Nothing for removing charger/adapter from the Box.
                Its silly (even stupid) of company's like Xioami, Vivo, Oneplus still persisting with inbox chargers. And actually highlighting & promoting it.
                It needs to be sold separately, human ignorance (& stupidity) can destroy the very planet that sustains life. No More inbox chargers please.

                  -Casey-, 17 Jul 2022How I see it is that they have launched a premium (midrange... more100% agreed here, especially with the charger part. Every company that doesn't include a charger is doing it for the money, not for the environment.

                  Also, not making 8/128 version in white is a bad move.

                  But overall, yeah, it brings some of the more premium features into the midrange segment, so of course it's not going to have the same price/performance ratio as phones without them.

                    How I see it is that they have launched a premium (midrange) product and people are angry because they were expecting a cheap phone because it's the brand's first phone.
                    Everyone is pointing out the processor and calling it overpriced.
                    What majority of people are not understanding is that other phones in the same price range don't have features like : wireless charging , iPhone like built quality , the LED lights thing (glyph interface) , clean software with promised software updates , etc.
                    People just called it bad because they either expected a flagship processor or a very cheap phone.
                    In my opinion , yes it is a bit expensive for the specs but still worth it for the user experience it will provide.
                    Now I already have an iPhone 13 , so I don't need to buy this. But if I was in the market for a phone priced around its price , then I would have gone for it.
                    And yes , I do think that they could have included the charger in the box , that much I can agree with.

                      The Nothing Phone idea is good, but the execution needs working on. Maybe phone (2) will be better.

                      The Glyph interfaces interesting, but the lights and design are plain gimmicky. It shield have been created for better selfie and light paintings or something.

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                        • 17 Jul 2022

                        I mean why would anyone pick this over a s21fe? The price difference is low and with the FE u get :
                        GG victus - better screen to body ratio - IP68 - flagship SoC - telephoto camera - a little better selfie camera
                        With nothing (1) u get :
                        LED’s that most consider gimmick - glass back (which i myself don't count as a better option to plastic but some do) - symmetrical bezels (which again i myself prefer higher screen to body ratio over symmetrical bezels but some do not)
                        And the 33w is the same as the 25w according to official claims and real life use.
                        All this is just comparing with the FE and I'm sure with some other brands or even other Samsung phones u can get even better deals.
                        Ngl at first I thought wow such a beautiful phone but looks don’t last as specs and practicality.

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                          • 8kP
                          • 17 Jul 2022

                          No 3.5mm,no sd card slot, small battery = nothing buy

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                            • 17 Jul 2022

                            470€ with that processor is a joke.

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                              • 17 Jul 2022

                              4 - 4:30 h SoT for phone with 1080p screen? LOL

                                Anonymous, 17 Jul 2022Galaxy S series should have that. I bought them when 90hz w... moreMan no of galaxy S series cost 500 at least not from 2022 year and older have already 1-2 updates gone.
                                And S21 FE is plastic made which breaks on first drop from height of your knees on a concrette.
                                But good job with that.

                                  Olympus Oms, 17 Jul 2022Any phone with more than 6 hours sot. But enjoy your gimmic... more4500 mAh cell and charged 2-3 times a day hahahahaha.
                                  Maybe after 10 years of use.
                                  This is not your apple SE 2022 with 2018 mAh cell and 65 hours of endurance battery but on average usage barely last 12 hours.

                                    Anders, 17 Jul 2022join community of Nothing phone (1) owners..?? There is no ... moreHonest question. What other phone has 120Hz OLED and wireless charging with a non-plastic frame and 3 years of OS (+ 4 years of security) updates?

                                    Man which phone offers more than this???
                                    Nothing, noone. Only few have bit better specs but only certain specs overall is best midranger money can buy.

                                    And if you really want comparing then use equal year release phones.
                                    I do understand than Note 20 ultra by samsung now bought for 500 could be better but is already 3 years old with just one more year of updates.
                                    Better phone with 500 pricetag does not exist.
                                    And S21 FE aint better because maybe have better CPU and GPU but is made of weak plastic.

                                      I didn't know such a high number of people would consider or actually do want it. Bodes well for the phone.

                                        Anonymous, 17 Jul 2022Hell no. An overhyped flop is what this phone will be.Honest question. What other phone has 120Hz OLED and wireless charging with a non-plastic frame and 3 years of OS (+ 4 years of security) updates?