Flashback: a decade of mini phones

17 July 2022
We track how Mini has become less and less accurate over the years.  

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  • 17 Jul 2022

A good midrange below 6 inch smartphone (like Galaxy A41) is desperatly needed.

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    • Anonymous
    • xq5
    • 17 Jul 2022

    I had Nokia 6303 classic. Was pretty good phone.

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      • AnonD-731363
      • SH3
      • 17 Jul 2022

      Smallest android ever???

      This phone surely wins for being super small and good specced for its tiny size.
      Even the Palm Palm from 2018 is twice as big.

        Yall do know that theres more than 5 colors right ?

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          • Anonymous
          • I@a
          • 17 Jul 2022

          Could you create an article which mini phones are still good to buy in 2022? Thanks

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            • Mmmma
            • N6B
            • 17 Jul 2022

            I had Huawei y320 was one tough phone and it had 4 inch screen
            I really liked the size but I do understand the need for bigger screen
            Smartphone became more like a tool nowadays

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              • Anonymous
              • SHi
              • 17 Jul 2022

              Light phones with no round corner's haw no water protected

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                • blue
                • 0CN
                • 17 Jul 2022

                This era does not favor small or mini phones. Yes, they can be produced. They even can be made with relatively large screen (5,8" is good enough). But they can't be made powerful and cheap, only one of these.
                The demands are high - CPU power, battery life, size, construction, IP rating, other equipment (jack, microSD)... that's not all possible in small size. It never was. The phones of the past used to be small. But their power was much lower, battery life poor, display size extremely small for today's way of life.
                I started my smartphone life with Galaxy 550. Very small, light... but in those days the phone was just a phone with some limited usability as a browser, camera or mp3 player. Today the phone has to do all these requirements as a daily device and with best-as-possible quality. That's not possible with a tiny device.

                  Although I know it's quite a bit bigger than the mini-series from Apple, I believe the ASUS Zenfone 8 (maybe the Zenfone 9 later too) could be worth a shoutout in this article.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • d$V
                    • 17 Jul 2022

                    S10e was perfect for me. A proper 'mini' flagship. I switched to S21 FE now and i miss my old phone. If only Samsung made a S10e sized phone with a 120Hz display, triple cameras (regular, ultra-wide, telephoto), at least 4000mah battery and latest flagship chipset, i would buy that immediately.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • 8N3
                      • 17 Jul 2022

                      I had Galaxy Pocket.

                      Plastic was much tougher and better than the plastic used by S21.
                      Also, never needed screen protection.

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                        • Grey Wolf
                        • ppq
                        • 17 Jul 2022

                        I remember my first ever smartphone 12 years ago, Nokia Lumia 710. It had a 3.7" display. The phone wasn't very small or compact for the size of the display, though.
                        The next phones I had, they were all with bigger size displays.
                        But, in those times, people didn't do on their phones what they are doing now. Also, phones didn't require the battery capacities from nowadays.

                        I can't understand how somebody will use a very small phone nowadays. Unless you use it only for calls and messages. But even in this case, is worse to type on a 4.7"-5.4" displays, with tiny keyboards. I am not buying a phone, just because it sits nice in my pocket, lol.
                        Not to mention, the battery life. No matter how you look at it and how efficient the chipsets will get, small phones will always have worse battery life than their bigger siblings.
                        I find 6.4 - 6.5" to be the sweet spot for me. And around 180-185g.

                          That's not even mini phones. Only mini smart phones!

                          I loved the old Nokia 8210! But I was scared to lose it in my pocket though, because it was so small.