Flashback: a decade of mini phones

17 July 2022
We track how Mini has become less and less accurate over the years.  

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  • 7kF
  • 31 Jan 2023

From my side the phone must be pocketable
5" is the idle height of a screen

    I love to see compact fones between 5.5 - 6 inches in size which would be more pocket friendly.

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      • nYM
      • 22 Jul 2022

      The graph colors for Oppo and Apple look practically the same.
      The are other colors to use that are different from all others, like purple.

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        • gLe
        • 20 Jul 2022

        I use Rakuten Mini/ Befor him Palm PVG100

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          • 20 Jul 2022

          PawnDies, 20 Jul 2022Will be waiting for small phones to make a comeback in the ... moreI use samsung galaxy s4 mini from year 2013.

            Will be waiting for small phones to make a comeback in the future, until then the only option we have is to buy used/refurbished compact phones from the past decade.

              I couldn't differentiate between Apple & Oppo curves!

                Anonymous, 18 Jul 2022This article talks about the launch of two Sharp-branded ph... moreYeah, in the USA, we are "at the mercy" of the Apple/Samsung duopoly.
                I think they have some money flowing, to keep out 80% of the phones that are
                available globally. That or some money between the FCC & Apple/Samsung to
                increase the license for the frequencies on the modem chip. Many of the other
                devices don't have the common frequencies for the USA.

                  My FIRST smartphone was a Dell Streak 5. It was so funny when I showed it to coworkers, most had iphones. They would lay their phone over mine and say "your screen, is bigger than my entire phone". Another would ask why I "needed" a phone that big? Ummm because I didn't like squinting to see what was on the screen?
                  Now, most people have 6" screens. My P6 Pro is 6.5+ and if it was 7, that would be even better. Older I get, the larger the screen I like.

                    bob marley the great, 18 Jul 2022battery not coming back because being difficult to repair i... moreOnly reason we have 18:9 is that quest for that bezelless phone

                      I love smaller devices.
                      Never was a fan of the giga phones , always thought people could use tablets if they wanted to.
                      The flip / fold approach , allowing us small form factors with big content comsumption screens is a good one and needs to be perfected.

                        Anonymous, 17 Jul 2022Not trying to be rude, but you might want to get checked fo... moreNo, it usually has nothing to do with color perception. It is more psychological, your mind can easily confuse between the two thin-colored lines unless you consciously try to see the difference. Some people are just less capable of seeing fine differences.

                          Anonymous, 17 Jul 2022Ones red and the other is orange... why are you viewing thi... moreBecause not everyone can afford a $600 wide color gamut display?

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                            • IVB
                            • 19 Jul 2022

                            put iPadOS into a mini iPhone
                            it will crash, lag and buggy.

                            buggy not because of OS,
                            but the experience using it, swiping it, reading it - become slower, difficult, not ergonomic.

                            the low spec small screen make productivity going less.

                            if u use phone just for telephony - iPhone is just overpriced for you.
                            better buy a proper luxury phone, like Vertu.

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                              • SmallDick
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                              • 19 Jul 2022

                              sirol, 19 Jul 2022I think 4" ideal size.4" is for you.
                              8" is for me.

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                                • 19 Jul 2022

                                ElAswany, 19 Jul 2022I miss the mini phone i think 5 inch is the ideal size for ... moreI think 4" ideal size.

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                                  • 19 Jul 2022

                                  The Flip, 18 Jul 2022I actually find some value in tiny phones from Palm and Uni... moreSorry for being a dumb to myself for about 7 years ago.
                                  I improve my behavior, so I'm just observe [I am not intending this concern] of those debate and picking side about dopamine or detox, distraction or motivation, etc.

                                    I miss the mini phone i think 5 inch is the ideal size for a phone I hope the companies realize that not all people like large screens

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                                      • Jvg
                                      • 18 Jul 2022

                                      The Flip, 18 Jul 2022I would choose two smaller phones over a dual screen phone.... moreThis article talks about the launch of two Sharp-branded phones (exclusive to Japan):

                                      The Sharp Aquos Wish2 is a small 5.7-inch phone and the specs are excellent.
                                      It's so cool that it even makes me want to travel all the way to Japan just to buy it.
                                      Plus it looks great:

                                      The Xperia Ace series are great little phones (again, exclusive to Japan):

                                      The Japanese have many options but for some reason the iPhone SE is the best selling phone in Japan, I think the size of the iPhone SE is exaggerated.

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                                        • 18 Jul 2022

                                        Anonymous, 18 Jul 2022Cameras do not record 18:9, they record in 17:9. What?