Netflix explains how it will stop the widespread account sharing

19 July 2022
The platform is adding an “Add a home” feature that will change the way the service is priced.

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  • 19 Jul 2022

Will account owners be obliged to set a home? What if the owner doesn't do it?

    Anonymous, 19 Jul 2022Let's see if this move will bring more customers to Ne... moreI barely watch anyway. I share an account and if this move will make my split close to double then I will just stop using it at all.

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      • Anonymous
      • YUU
      • 19 Jul 2022

      Let's see if this move will bring more customers to Netflix 🤔

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        • Anonymous
        • GM0
        • 19 Jul 2022

        I'll just keep my disney+ account then.

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          • Koma
          • swn
          • 19 Jul 2022

          I have prevented sharing in my house hold by canceling Netflix.

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            • Sheldon
            • QB0
            • 19 Jul 2022

            I believe tht in india it will stop if this rule comes up people are already hving alternate for it good luck