Motorola is announcing the Razr 2022 and Edge X30 Pro on August 2

22 July 2022
The Edge X30 Pro is expected to be known as Edge 30 Ultra in some markets.

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  • 23 Jul 2022

Really hope Motorola/Lenovo updates their phones more this time around.

I really like Lenovo products but that's what always prevented me from getting a new Motorola.

    Razr 2022 design is such a disappointment. The irony here is by the time we get a Flip 5 or 6 which matches the cover display size of the Razr 2022, it will look like this year's Razr. All form factors get stale because everyone copies everyone that everything starts looking the same.

    I'm learning to live with the loud snapping sound from my Razr 5G. It doesn't affect functionality, so I'm starting not to mind it. The sound is almost like if you are cracking your knuckles. I'll just see it as the Razr's hinge wanting to fart.

    Long live the Razr 5G! Perhaps the last Razr to look like a RAZR with the iconic chin and camera in the bottom center. If Motorola had used the same exact design of the 5G while still offering better specs, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. But they or Lenovo messed up what made a RAZR look sexy by copying the Flip design.

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      • 23 Jul 2022

      DMX, 23 Jul 2022Some forums including this website are full of comments fro... moreJuly here, but it is true they are slow like heck,

        I heard rumors that The Edge X30 Pro / Edge 30 Ultra would have 35, 50 and 85mm lenses and no ultra wide angle lens.

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          • 23 Jul 2022

          Some forums including this website are full of comments from motorola users who have not received any security patch since March, others since January, why spend money on a distrustful company?