Samsung reports record-breaking Q2 driven by skyrocketing Galaxy S22 sales

28 July 2022
Sales increased 20% on a yearly basis while operating profit was 12% more.

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Amid global inflation and economic slowdown, only Samsung and Apple have succeeded in achieving successful results.
Chinese manufacturers, Android's biggest rival, have failed completely with containment policies and are being kept in check in India. If you want to buy an Android phone, no one can deny that Samsung is the best option

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    • Patrik
    • p4x
    • 28 Jul 2022

    [deleted post]I swichted from iPhone 13 Pro to S22 Ultra and now I can not imagine to go Back.

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      • AnonD-1033007
      • g8K
      • 28 Jul 2022

      Happy to see this, i love my A52s.

        well done Samsung. They sold more this year because of their S22 Ultra. Note users need it. I changed my S10 for an S22 Ultra and they gave me a good deal for it. Buds pro as a gift.
        Apple doesn't give anything, they remove things. And if they finally decide to bring Snapdragon to EU, they will sell more

          Hopefully this will push them to make another compact phone with the S23, if it's the case this time I am upgrading my S10e

            I love my S22 Ultra, but I have to say, I'm probably going to buy a dumb phone next.

            Whereas most people (the entire world basically) is becoming scientifically proven dumber since the release of the first iPhone, and most people buy these phones as luxury items to show off, I can't justify spending so much money for an item that's part of the planned obsolescence agenda.

            I love what I can do with my S22 Ultra, and you'd have to take out 90% of my brain to turn me into an iSheep user. I indeed bought the phone because of its features, not to show off. However, considering that smart phones have basically plateaued, I don't think S27 is going to be much better, and I'd like to swap the batter in a year or two, rather than just buy the next phone. Since they aren't allowing it, and they're taking away features and functions year on year...dumb phone it is. I have a great PC anyway.

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              • Klaus shwab
              • k34
              • 28 Jul 2022

              S23 wiil bring to them even more $$$

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • xHY
                • 28 Jul 2022

                Of course it can because of GOS fiasco. In South Korea, Samsung was forced to sell the S22 for the rough equivalent of $450.

                  Loving my S22👍

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                    • Grey Wolf
                    • ppq
                    • 28 Jul 2022

                    I am expecting haters and Apple fanboys to come and say "No, no, not true, all of past Samsung owners are now happily buying iPhones". Lol.
                    Guess not all Android users are unsatisfied and ready to blindly buy iPhones.
                    Some users (like myself) even did the other way around. Ditch the iPhone, for the much better, easily accessible and flexible OS experience found in Androids. But, of course, Apple fanboys will say that something like this is impossible. All iPhone users need and are required to like Apple devices blindly, at infinite. Even though Apple is becoming worse and worse every year. Just money driven machine.

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                      • Prototype
                      • 33I
                      • 28 Jul 2022

                      Is hard to believe s22 series getting all the attention, and people buy it after Samsung making it hot buy their gaming app, by the way that was still unresolved.
                      Sales may be increased in USA where we see so much cuts in price (fathers day, 4 July and many more)
                      I'm sure Samsung will get much more sales when they goes fairplay in all the markets,( same cut prices, same presents, same apps like good luck, same processor, same hardware: do you know East European countries pay more for same device and don't get 5g mmw antenna?? ,we didn't get it not even in s21 series.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • cT{
                        • 28 Jul 2022

                        Optometrists report record breaking 2024 profits driven by eyestrain inducing pwm flicker from Samsung OLED panels.

                          And they said people don't want smaller phones...

                          So next time some idiot will tell you people demand big phones and small phones don't sell, direct them at this article.