Qualcomm all but confirms that the Galaxy S23 series will use only Snapdragon chips

28 July 2022
This could extend to future series too, as Samsung is reorganizing the Exynos division and (allegedly) trying to build a better chipset from scratch.

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  • 01 Nov 2022

Vegetaholic, 29 Jul 2022Lol. Samsung just announced record breaking sales of S22 an... moreWith all due respect, I would like to ask you what makes you think that Samsung phones since S10 are bad jokes or is crap. Similarly, what do you mean by miniscule improvements. It's not as miniscule as the improvements has been for iPhones from iPhone 11 series all the way until iPhone 13 series. Which of the competition do you think is better?
Among most manufacturers, Samsung has always kept improving their phones while being consistent (except S20 Ultra in the camera department- Autofocus issues). They always kept improving pretty much every single aspect and added features along with it, without screwing up the device.

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    • 07 Sep 2022

    Why can't Samsung just let people pick there processor in all regions

    Samsung say Exynos equal it's not

    What Samsung needs too do is sell both versions in both region but reduce pricing of exynos smartphone

    Like let's say 25 discount for exynos
    Because it's worse battery life & performance

    At least all regions get Snapdragon now not just only the us
    A good improvement for EU and the UK customers

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      • kZg
      • 18 Aug 2022

      A-R-T-E, 02 Aug 2022I've course we have choice, this is not USA where the... moreUmm, the US has Exynos in the A53, which is sold at all of the major carriers and has 4G/5G

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        • 07 Aug 2022

        I had nothing but dissapointing experience from my exynos s21, yet it has mostly positive reviews where it uses snapdragon. I wont buy samsung ever again, but i hope ppl who do won't have to deal with their shitty hardware.

          azalinonline, 28 Jul 2022good riddance, you will not be missed by anyone crappynos.If its true its great nows.

          They can still put their Exynos in low and mid tier device where it belongs. They shouldn't use midrange Exynos chips in their premium phones thats just wrong.

            IpsDisplay, 28 Jul 2022Man a powerful company with all those resources cant make a... moreYes its embarrasing for them. They don't even use their own Exynos chip in their own home market South Korea..

            I think they don't really know what they're doing. They're just pumping out sh*t and sees what sticks to the wall.

              Anonymous, 28 Jul 2022But this victory of Qualcomm is short lived. Just for two y... moreThanks man I really needed that joke :D

              Samsung will never pose a threat to Qualcomm (or anyone else for that matter).

                Zero, 28 Jul 2022Seems that Samsung might lose a lot of terrain. No in house... moreThat would be nice. Samsung deserves a huge slap in the face for treating Europe and other Exynos markets the way they do. I hope they lose a big market share to Apple.

                  Anonymous, 28 Jul 2022So we have to wait until 2025 for Exynos again and also it&... moreIn 2025 whatever Exynos they come up with it will still be miles away from the SD-chip in terms of performance, speed an effiency. Exynos just can't compare no matter what they do and it will never be on par SD. Samsung doesn't even use their own Exynos chip in their own home market.. That says it all.

                    Anonymous, 28 Jul 2022I'll believe it when I see it.... Samsung like crappin... moreI was thinking the exact same thing. They will definitely find some way to screw over Europe as usual. Either they'll use last years (2022) SD-chip in the S23 Ultra or they use lower quality internal for the European phones. They will surely find a way to make Europe the losing part.

                      A-R-T-E, 02 Aug 2022No one wants Snapdragon Go on ebay, there's loads th... moreJust because you don't want SnapDragon, it doesn't mean that you talk for the whole Europe. I want SD instead of exynos. And I'm from Europe.
                      The problem is that only small retailers that are shady (problems with warranty, defective units etc) will sell SnapDragon versions in Europe. The carriers and the major retailers will sell only the exynos versions.
                      Also, Europe doesn't really use Amazon or Ebay. Just a few. People use the most major retailer in their country for online shopping. Only if the item they're searching is not available ,they will order from eBay or Amazon .
                      And STOP offending people before someone puts you in your place the bad way !

                        SShock, 30 Jul 2022Stop talking rubbish. You have no choice in Europe. It'... moreI've course we have choice, this is not USA where there you can't sell exynos due too 4g 5g patent.

                          SShock, 30 Jul 2022Stop talking rubbish. You have no choice in Europe. It'... moreNo one wants Snapdragon
                          Go on ebay, there's loads that no one is buying.
                          Truth hurts
                          In Europe no carriers wants garbage Snapdragon, they want exynos.

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                            • 31 Jul 2022

                            B, 31 Jul 2022just buy a phone with a bigger storage numpty!!"I have infinite money"

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                              • 31 Jul 2022

                              James, 31 Jul 2022Bring back the SD card also,you realize that we dont need e... morejust buy a phone with a bigger storage numpty!!

                                why they don't this into crap exynos since a long times 🤦🏼‍♂️ if theh do this since a long times they don't lose customers because of the crappy exynos

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                                  • 31 Jul 2022

                                  Bring back the SD card also,you realize that we dont need exynos but failed to realized we need the sd card

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                                    • 31 Jul 2022

                                    UNKNOWN soldier , 31 Jul 2022Samsung is losing just look at their sales in china....and ... moreStupid example. Saying Samsung has low sales in china is like saying Oppo have low or even zero sales in South korea.

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                                      • 31 Jul 2022

                                      Anonymous, 28 Jul 2022iphone also overheating yes but much less

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                                        • 31 Jul 2022

                                        Samsung is losing just look at their sales in china....and eventually will happen in Europe and elsewhere if they don't make a change ...250 euros phones from other brands have better performance in battery video photo than my s20plus 5g it's just ridiculous you pay 1100 euros ...oh yess here in Europe we pay wayyyy more and it's not even the same chip we pay more for a chip made from the brand and Samsung buys chips for their phones and sells them cheaper to Americans...
                                        No more Samsung Electronics for me and my family after 12 years and more cos I used to even buy VCR from Samsung...
                                        Oppo realme xiaomi...need no introduction