Flashback: two decades of fingerprint readers on mobile devices

07 August 2022
Following the journey of fingerprint readers as they land on mobile devices and eventually move under their displays.

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Face ID or side mounted fingerprint are the BEST!Speaking about in display fingerprint,something I don't agree,optical is much better than ultrasonic!Hopefully will be only side mounted fingerprint readers into the future!

    Under-Display sensors suck. They are slower, less accurate and less reliable. I'm not sure why this tech keeps getting pushed on the consumer. My favorite is the side mounted fingerprint sensor that Sony pioneered.

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      • 07 Aug 2022

      I use fingerprint and camera rarely. So I would like them to disappear under screen. And have a full screen finally.

        atjohann, 07 Aug 2022Great article, I honestly believe that these articles are s... moreIt's not entirely accurate though, I think the first demo of an under-glass fingerprint reader was done in 2011 or 2012 on a Galaxy SII, by a third party brand. It was at the MWC or something like that. Can't remember the name and since Google's search isn't much good for anything but finding your recent views or their commercials, the video will most likely be gone forever.

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          • 07 Aug 2022

          atjohann, 07 Aug 2022Great article, I honestly believe that these articles are s... moreReading a flashback article is a highlight of every Sunday for me.

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            • 07 Aug 2022

            Next step is to take a blood sample from tne fingertip and scan our DNA before unlocking the phone

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              • 07 Aug 2022

              When the readers started to appear, I was a bit sceptical about it. Now I'm happy with it, but I have to admit that I hardly use all the benefits it has. Unlocking a phone and a banking app is about enough.
              Weren't there some apps that could assign different actions to different fingers?

                Great article, I honestly believe that these articles are so underrated, but it give us a clear view of how fast these kind of "extras" have evolved in "so little". Thank you guys, maybe a short in YouTube or a whole video would be a huge extra to these kind of articles. ;)

                  I still prefer side mounted...