Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 announced with sleek design and Leica optics

11 August 2022
It also gets the latest Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset and improvements across the board.

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  • yalim
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  • 12 Aug 2022

this has no chance to sell at this prices globally. as usual, no chinese brand can sell flagships in apple and samsung price territory. so simple.

    NickValok, 12 Aug 2022Certification costs and patent fees for products are basic ... moreOppo is being asked by Nokia to pay the patent fee, because.. well, (at least Nokia thinks) Oppo didn't pay them the patent fee, simple. It's nothing to do with the Chinese government or its policy as it doesn't have an influence over foreign companies filing lawsuits against other companies (whether they are Chinese or not) outside China.

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      • Ivansmash
      • 0Ea
      • 12 Aug 2022

      Is it still possible to damage the big screen using your nail?
      GSMarena must have a big Chinese following as we are constantly getting slammed with models that are China only.

        Only thing is if Chinese version (still not global) will have all band or not.
        I not have problem to order from China but most of device missing few bands they not have thst in Chinese.

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          • U@T
          • 12 Aug 2022

          Can you sell it to me for 100 bucks
          As no one is gonna buy it from you at this dam price

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            • EKI
            • 12 Aug 2022

            Does it come with Google suite?

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              • Polo
              • 0BM
              • 12 Aug 2022

              No wireless charging again ,so not for me i stay my fold 3.

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                • Zuzuz
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                • 12 Aug 2022

                jason, 11 Aug 2022Of course its going to be higher, the factor of global taxe... moreHe can buy it from giztop or tradingshenzen at a very good price.

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                  • YQ8
                  • 12 Aug 2022

                  DMX, 11 Aug 2022This far looks much better than what Samsung presented yest... moreBecause samsung (and apple) ""drip-feed" features unlike others.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • PMd
                    • 12 Aug 2022

                    NickValok, 11 Aug 2022Although 8999 seems cheap, Xiaomi's products sold over... moreGuess you never tried importing something from overseas that isn't sold in your country? Those resellers are the cultprits not Xiaomi. But then again, you can't blame them for trying to make some money...... after all, you'd do the same.

                      Hey1004, 12 Aug 2022Search chinese sns kid, china is a place that every chinese... morepathetic
                      complain left right about China yet you choose to be in a place you called "garbage dump"

                        Fitz, 11 Aug 2022How's that thier fault and not you politicians taxes Certification costs and patent fees for products are basic concepts that must be paid by companies and included in product prices.
                        Chinese products, based on the Chinese government's shamelessness, ignore all this and sell it cheaply in China, but originally, it's an international problem and companies know it, so they can't sell it globally
                        You don't think so? OPPO and OnePlus were banned from selling in Germany due to patent issues. Xiaomi, Vivo, and Realme are also being sued, so it's only a matter of time before these products are banned from sale

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                          • Bruh
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                          • 12 Aug 2022

                          Anonymous, 11 Aug 2022If it cost 1300 euros and comes to germany=insta buyYou wish that is 1300 have you seen price of foldables?

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                            • 12 Aug 2022

                            Its way better than the Fold 4 (lazy and lack of creativity)

                              Rotten Apples, 12 Aug 2022Lens technology are proprietary, if you wear prescription g... moreIt's a marketing. There's reason why big3 don't use/advertise and only Xiaomi does.

                                JLC, 12 Aug 20221) Yes, pool is one use-case: it is the only water resistan... moremy best friend bough a Fold 2 phone and after 6 months he requested an screen replacemment. After almost 2 months Samsung return the Fold 2 (unrepaired) with a letter that said after the tech analysis, my friend needs to paid for the replacement due to anormal use.


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                                  • alainfabiande
                                  • as3
                                  • 12 Aug 2022

                                  imagine apple or samsung released a phone that deleted wireless charge and water proof to be thin.. everyone will smash lol

                                    Yes, 11 Aug 2022Stop using "Leica optics". It's just a filte... moreLens technology are proprietary, if you wear prescription glasses, you will know why lens are not Equal

                                      JLC, 12 Aug 20221) Yes, pool is one use-case: it is the only water resistan... moreall your points are useless if you pay $2,000 for a foldable phone and you are not covered by any warranty in 6-7 months of normal use.

                                      Samsung's products are good nobody can deny that. My point is NO FREE POST SALE SERVICE & WARRANTY COVER WITHIN WARRANTY PERIOD IS DEAL BREAKING FOR ME.

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                                        • 12 Aug 2022

                                        TheLastOracle, 11 Aug 2022Mediocre cameras compared to the Fold4, the thinner frame w... moreThe Fold2 and Fold3 have thick frame, but I still see plenty of those phones getting damaged inner display from just 1 fall.