Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 announced with sleek design and Leica optics

11 August 2022
It also gets the latest Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset and improvements across the board.

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  • 12 Aug 2022

Duck of death, 11 Aug 2022It isn't the network carriers not wanting to sell othe... moreSeen plenty of Samsung Fold phones that have malfunctioning inner display or outer display after just one fall. And don't even get me started on Flip phones with damaged inner display, either cracked or damage from debris? Seen too many to count

    Better than the Z fold 4 apart from IP raiting. Hope it comes to the US at least.

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      • 12 Aug 2022

      507AMS, 12 Aug 20221) who needs water resistant on a foldable phone? Its not a... more1) Yes, pool is one use-case: it is the only water resistant flagship tablet worldwide. But that aside: it is my music player when taking a shower, hanging it on the glas panel where it becomes wet. Also, I sometimes go for a short rest into the house and forget the Fold outside. A few times it started to rain when I was sleeping.

      2) No, it is not garbage. And even it was (which it is not): at least you can do video-conferencing with it while using the big screen. The Fold’s UDC is a conferencing camera with a quality that exceeds the quality of almost all last years' expensive laptop cameras. Your statement is just a distraction: the point is the missing camera, be it UDC or an ugly punch hole, as long as there is one!

      4) Taking features away just because of having “the thinnest” phone is not a good idea.

      Whether Mix Fold 2 has a better screen or a better camera, nobody knows that. But let us assume it would have. The screen and camera of Fold exist and are already very good. So they are not deal breakers. But the missing water resistance, the missing pen, the missing conferencing camara, the missing wireless charging and more can be deal breakers for many because there are no equivalences for them in Mix Fold 2. And this fact disqualifies Mix Fold 2 as a competitor to Fold.

        507AMS, 12 Aug 2022what I can tell you is about my friend with his $1,800USD F... moreSearch chinese sns kid, china is a place that every chinese problems are being deleted.
        f they are good why they dont sell abroad except so little countries, they got deleted fast but you can get easily.
        I know cuz i'm now in china using vpn and seeing so many things in SNS (maybe coz so many population) my chinese friends said Chinese phones hinge get super wide and Xiaomi is REAL GARBAGE.

          Hey1004, 12 Aug 2022You've got XIaomi foldable phone? I'm saying th... morewhat I can tell you is about my friend with his $1,800USD Fold 2 phone. After few months of normal use, the screen looked like used by cavemans. ITS A REAL GARBAGE.

            507AMS, 12 Aug 2022As an owner of 3 Xiaomi's phone in the last 5 years I ... moreYou've got XIaomi foldable phone?
            I'm saying there are so many people saying in Chinese SNS.
            I also used Xiaomi 99inch tv and phones when i travel but it wasnt worthy.
            There is reason why Samsung is world 1st TV and Phone market share.

              Hey1004, 12 Aug 2022I think you need to read a lot in Chinese SNS. But they get... moreAs an owner of 3 Xiaomi's phone in the last 5 years I never got a problem with any of them.

              I can tell you about my first Samsung's plasma TV and my Note phone not covered by warranties and paying high bills for excluded warranty tech service.

                507AMS, 12 Aug 2022you need to read a lot....Fold 2 & Fold 3 has serious p... moreI think you need to read a lot in Chinese SNS. But they get deleted in a hour.

                Chinese phones hinges become super wide after few months.

                At least Fold hinge become just a little worse. It's a tortally different level.

                It's a bluffing that they solved hinge. They always overspec cuz 'want to win'.

                That's why they don't sell abroad. US blah but they only sell abroad in very few countries.

                Samsung sells No.1 in the world. It means Samsung Warranty and Customer Service is the

                best and the others like XIAOMI ARE GARBAGE!!!

                  Hey1004, 12 Aug 2022Fold is way better than this Xiaomi garbage. Wireless ch... moreyou need to read a lot....Fold 2 & Fold 3 has serious problem about the hinge and cracks on the screen after 6-8 months of
                  normal use....a lot of complaints about the olephobic layer on the foldable screen.

                  the Samsung's customer support is a garbage in Latin America & Europe. Sometime ago I bought a IP68 Note phone and after 6 months the screen went off. In the customer support office they told me waranty is not covered if submerged in swimming pool or salt water. SINCE THAT DAY I REALIZED SAMSUNG'S WARRANTY IS GARBAGE!!

                    507AMS, 12 Aug 20221) who needs water resistant on a foldable phone? Its not a... moreFold is way better than this Xiaomi garbage.

                    Wireless charger, waterproof, faster, better optimizing, better camera, better balanced.

                    They always say 'We Win' but continue to lose the market share.

                    Xiaomi always overspecs with garbage durability and never sell abroad.

                      [deleted post]1) Who cares udc especially with Xiaomi's garbage video quaility?
                      2) Samsung's video quality is way better than terrible Xiaomi.
                      3) No wireless charge is garbage. No water proof is horrible.
                      4) People will only buy samsung as always.

                        JLC, 11 Aug 2022It definitely looks nicer and slicker than Fold 4. But the ... more1) who needs water resistant on a foldable phone? Its not a must unless you do a lot of meetings by the pool.
                        2) the Samsung's UDC implementation is garbage. Video quality is terrible.
                        3) A Pen implementation is a real miss
                        4) wireless charging is a sacrifice on a slim device

                        the Mix Fold 2 has better & bigger screens, faster charging speed and a well balance camera hardware (IMX766 & LEICA)

                          If foldables sold 10M last year, that means it sold about 0.007% for all smartphones because 1.4B smartphones were sold last year. It seems nobody really cares about foldables except tech enthusiasts on YouTube. And we are already in Year 4 with them.

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                            • 12 Aug 2022

                            Did all phone companies consensually decide to release their folding phones in this week?

                              GregLu, 11 Aug 20225.4mm is your answer 😁Yeah...but it's not worth the camera compromise at the prices they are getting folks to cough up. put a periscope and add a few MM. Maybe Vivo will keep the periscope and slim the rest of theirs. If they aren't going to get prices closer to non-folding phones while they vastly compromise the cameras used...they need to offer better pricing soon.

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                                • 11 Aug 2022

                                NickValok, 11 Aug 2022Although 8999 seems cheap, Xiaomi's products sold over... moreHow's that thier fault and not you politicians taxes

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                                  • 11 Aug 2022

                                  It definitely looks nicer and slicker than Fold 4. But the advantages stop here!
                                  No water resistance is a no-go.
                                  No Pen is another no-go.
                                  But the biggest no-go is the lack of a conferencing camera in the inner display! This nice and huge inner display is simply useless for video conferences, for serious work.
                                  No wireless charging (let alone reverse charging)?
                                  Compared to Fold it is just a shiny device.
                                  I forgot to mention: the perfectly implemented One UI for foldables is another strength of Fold,

                                    jasaero, 11 Aug 2022Why is it almost like periscope zooms aren't allowed o... more5.4mm is your answer 😁

                                      if it was 200mp 2x I would consider, its a joke otherwise.

                                        Foldables are generally a joke to most people these days. Very niche, overpriced, and untrustworthy.

                                        Who knows if they will ever take off? To a lot of the mass population, what's really their purpose? What do they really bring that's innovative that a regular slab can't do? Easier to pocket? What else?

                                        People are complaining about carrying a tablet in their pocket with all these large slabs and surfboard phones. With foldables, it's literally a tablet in your pocket but it can fold and it will be thick and heavy once it's inside.