Lenovo reveals details about Legion Y70 cooling capabilities

12 August 2022
It will be as cool as a fridge, according to the teasers.

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  • 28 Aug 2022

ughtea, 13 Aug 2022it is just a heat conductor and it doesn't make your p... moreLegion y90 the best

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    • 16 Aug 2022

    "liar liar pants on fire"

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      • 13 Aug 2022

      it is just a heat conductor and it doesn't make your phone to get cool as freezer (of course if you play outside in winter/autumn) :(.
      ZTE Nubia is the only brand which applied the real cooling system feature.

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        • 13 Aug 2022

        JustSomeRandomGuy, 12 Aug 2022does this phone even comes with the usual gaming phone feat... moreNo. This gaming phone was also aimed (last part of the article) at the "average user" aka the same users who have 73246376437654365845465946 choices of the same old same brick models. What a disappointment.

          I'd like a fridge phone.

            This chipset is made by TSMC. That's probably going to contribute the most to a cool running phone (before anyone in the cooling department takes credit).

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              • 12 Aug 2022

              does this phone even comes with the usual gaming phone features like additional should triggers for gaming, add-on fan accessories and native controllers? because if not, why the hell is it considered a gaming phone?
              and what kind of exxageration bs is this Lenovo? cool as a fridge? unless you have a cooler like the BlackShark FunCooler or ROG Aeroactive Cooler 6, no phone can be that cool and maintain performance at nearly 100%

                i am expecting to have 3.5mm and sd card. hybrid slot or dedicated doesnt matter as long it has one. (dont tell me about bluetooth earbuds and cloud storage bs)

                  Sound curious but unless there is 0 Kelvin inside the phone for cooling or a liquid helium runs inside the phone i will not believe to te term cool as a fridge.

                    sayabosanhidup, 12 Aug 2022well&the bitter truth is that at least the chinese are ... moreI am not chinese haters, I said that because sometimes people replying me says like this.. and sometimes I found in the comments.

                      Anonymous, 12 Aug 2022I somewhere read that dissipating heat away from the SoC ju... moreIt's all about speed of heat transfer and dissipation surface. SoC is usually tiny and you need to draw heat quickly away from it. Then it's up to the phone's surface to remove that heat into air. If phone is in a TPU case or you hold it in hands, that will be much slower. Heat saturation point is when SoC reaches peak temperature and creates equilibrium with the entire dissipation surface of the phone which simply can't accept any more heat.

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                        • 12 Aug 2022

                        rizki1, 12 Aug 2022and people call it chinese gar*age, chinese toys..well&the bitter truth is that at least the chinese are able
                        to do these inventions and unlike u guys who cant even
                        invent a smart phone screen/even as simple as battery


                        pretty ironic is not it as we are al ready in the year 2022

                          Many manufacturers don't stop hype about the Vaper Chamber.
                          The vaper chamber is a straw-shaped heat pipe spread widely and serves to disperse heat, but it is never a magical tool to cool down.
                          When the chipset gets hot, the Vaper Chamber moves to the front display and the display acts as a heat sink and transfers hot heat to the outside.
                          But you put in a big vaper chamber and your phone gets cold like a refrigerator? This is just blatant hype.

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                            • 12 Aug 2022

                            You have explained very well in the article, thank you very much for sharing this article

                              and people call it chinese gar*age, chinese toys..

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                                • 12 Aug 2022

                                I somewhere read that dissipating heat away from the SoC just transfers it somewhere else, which would be the back in this case. That‘s how some modded the MacBook Air for better performance, but at the cost of a hotter bottom plate. What I‘m wondering is: Are those 5% performance gains really worth the much more uncomfortable handling of a phone that’s hot like a potato?