Sony raises PlayStation 5 prices almost everywhere

25 August 2022
The United States is the sole exception. Prices go up by around 10% across the rest of the world.

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GAMIR3DH, 26 Aug 2022Then Sony wonders why people are going Xbox.People are not. sony sold almost double the number of consoles compared to Xbox.

    Que, 26 Aug 2022Incorrect unfortunately. Lots of people buy things they can... moretotally true. otherwise we wont see the top of the range iphone, samsung got sold so many in numbers.

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      • 26 Aug 2022

      AcidBurn, 26 Aug 2022When you have global situation like this, where food prices... moreIncorrect unfortunately. Lots of people buy things they can’t really afford either to fit in, make themselves or their kids happy or a million other reasons.

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        • 26 Aug 2022

        Pedro , 25 Aug 2022Meanwhile in Portugal, an oficial distributor of the PS5, W... moreThis offer includes more things than the console itself, learn how o read portuguese.
        Pack Consola PS5 (825 GB) Standalone + Jogo Horizon Forbidden West + Jogo PS5 Gran Turismo 7 + Comando sem fios SONY DualSense + Cartão PSN 30€

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          • 26 Aug 2022

          When you have global situation like this, where food prices are extremely high and high inflation I dont understand these moves by IT giants. People will buy only what they need, and the food is always the priority.

            Seems fair. People are willing to buy phones for 1500 euros.

              Australians should be glad that they're getting a massive discount from AU$6,000 to AU$650 /s

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                • 26 Aug 2022

                Hamad1993, 25 Aug 2022That's why switch is the most successful console these... moreThe Switch is on track to become the most successful console in history.

                  I will admit - I was given a Nintendo Switch, I wouldn't have bought one for myself - & I've ended up loving the thing. I can see why its charm & price is a factor in its success. Sony & XBOX are slightly more flexible as far as "media centers", which adds to their complexity & cost. There's enough flavors for everyone.

                    cost of transportation as result of today's issue is the cause, the problem is that even microsoft xbox series will experience this, but will they asborb the cost instead of passing to consumers, to be honest, nearly all electricials have gone up, from mobile to tvs, etc.

                    even with price increases, playstation 5 is still cheaper or same than previous generations of consoles when adjusted for inflation, such as ps3, xbox one, sega saturn, neo geo etc

                    there are also other factors, the cost of ps5 storage nvme ssd is significant cheaper than xbox series proprietary storage which can be a factor in the long term

                      xocomaox, 25 Aug 2022The PS5 production does use oil and gas, believe it or not.... morethat's definitely true, a 40ft container cost 3 times the price of 2018 now, people don't realise this, partially to covid, oil prices and demand, i work in relocation insurance, transportation is more expensive now than any time in my 15 year career

                        Then Sony wonders why people are going Xbox.

                          Anonymous, 25 Aug 2022Very anti-consumer. In Japan you can barely grab a PS5 and ... moreBetter Sony making those profits than scalpers in my opinion...

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                            • 25 Aug 2022

                            A few days a go I got an invitation from Sony to buy ps5 directly from their website. I was very surprised to see the price of the digital console went up 50$. So I decided against purchasing ps5 because the price of ps5 with additional controller that I wanted to buy would be 520$. Now i decided to wait 2-3 years before buying ps5. I guess i'll have to satisfy myself with ps4 for now.

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                              • 25 Aug 2022

                              Hamad1993, 25 Aug 2022That's why switch is the most successful console these... moreNot really, especially steamdeck was released with more powerful chip and can run PC games and if the PS5s are always on stock the switch will be noting.

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                                • 25 Aug 2022

                                Meanwhile in Portugal, an oficial distributor of the PS5, Worten, is selling the blu-ray VERSION of PS5 for 719,96€. SCAAAAMERS.

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                                  • 25 Aug 2022

                                  i wont buy if they dont reduce price.
                                  i am not ldiot

                                    That's why switch is the most successful console these days 💁🏻‍♂️😁

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                                      • 25 Aug 2022

                                      [deleted post]Where have you been ?? That always like this from the started Console Makers got profit from selling games but ps5 games sales not as great as ps4 that way they need increasing price except Nintendo they always got profits from selling consoles, even profits from switch was bigger than entire Playstation gen (1,2,34,5 psp,vita ) profits combined .

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                                        • 25 Aug 2022

                                        ps5 already is above msrp. what is this?