Nokia X30 5G, C31 and T21 hands-on

02 September 2022
We spent some time with Nokia's IFA roster in Berlin.

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the c31 is priced 240$ but still use micro usb???

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    • Jvg
    • 02 Sep 2022

    Nokia overshadowed the launch of the new Xperia 😂

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      • karamoan
      • Fvc
      • 02 Sep 2022

      Nokia X30 sold at $530 for midrange specs? I love their confidence though.
      This is the reason why Motorola is flourishing and currently the no.3 smartphone OEM in North America and doing very well in Asia. Because they listened to consumers what they want and how much they are willing to buy the phones.
      Nokia is doing the opposite hence, not even included in the top 5 when it comes to sales.

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        • 02 Sep 2022

        [deleted post]I think the team is already fixed

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          • t@g
          • 02 Sep 2022

          Anonymous, 02 Sep 2022This x30 looks more premiumm than pixel 6 and s22You sure you're not drunk?

          Anyway, good for Nokia for leaving sd 480. But now I bet they will stick very long with sd 695.

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            • 02 Sep 2022

            This x30 looks more premiumm than pixel 6 and s22