iPhone 14 and 14 Pro get price hikes outside the US, even iPhone SE (2022) is more expensive

08 September 2022
The prices in the US, Canada and China are the same as last year's models, but that is not true for most of the rest of the world.

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This was an interesting video discussing iPhone 14 series prices in various countries.


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    • 11 Sep 2022

    Anonymous, 11 Sep 2022Its not a price hike, its exchange rate differencesYeah, 5700 PLN last year and 7200 this year doesn't sound like a price hike at all.

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      • 11 Sep 2022

      Thank you for these price tables

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        • 11 Sep 2022

        Its not a price hike, its exchange rate differences

          Sin, 10 Sep 2022Long term investment definitely pick android Android cheap... more🥱

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            • 10 Sep 2022

            forhad-61, 09 Sep 2022That's the point most big brains miss. iPhone is a lon... moreLong term investment definitely pick android
            Android cheaper and will last much longer in the long run

            iPhone is awful value for money in both short term and long run
            My friends and family iPhones all either broke no longer supported or poor battery health or poor quality bend gate problems iPhone 6+ poor speakers
            iPhone 5 Battery health degrees fast storage amount problems
            but there Android phones didn't need replacing or stop working even if there software version not support anymore

            iPhone is overpriced more expensive and not reliable with poor software support and hardware become obsolete extremely quickly
            Only 1gb ram on iPhone 6 for example not got any software support

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              • 09 Sep 2022

              Not paying. Tho. i'm not an appleist but even then not paying over 1000 bucks for a phone and with these minor hardware upgrades that won't actually do jack in real-life use.

                Maria, 09 Sep 2022If we can smoothly use iPhone, at least for 10 years, does ... moreThat's the point most big brains miss. iPhone is a long term investment, so I think it makes sense to pay the extra for long run.

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                  • 09 Sep 2022

                  Anonymous, 08 Sep 2022people, are you living in a cave for the last year? inflati... moreApple already indexed their prices with several last generations.

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                    • 09 Sep 2022

                    Apple always so overpriced and never worth the price

                    Just apple fans enable apple too have such high pricing as a result of always bring willing too pay so much for there phones that they definitely shouldn't cost

                    I can only advice people not to buy apple because pricing crazy and there phones are definitely not worth the asking price

                    I said same thing when GPU scraping happened but even x2 X3 even x4 the price they sold off the shelfs so fast they where out of stock

                    But people still willing too buy them over priced GPU instead of complaints at game developers making games that run badly on Intel graphics in a high cost of living crisis
                    Basically you won't need a 2500 pound GPU if game developers added potato graphics settings too help poor gamers struggling

                    Too high demand and too popular no iOS alternative brands no competition in market brainwashed apple fans and locked into the ego system and think status symbol fashion phone no hope for apple products being a reasonable choice

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                      • wra
                      • 09 Sep 2022

                      I dont care about it, samsung still get about minimum USD 250 for every sales of iPhones 14 per unit.

                        trospe, 09 Sep 2022Those are official prices no? Ok but why iphone 12 ,13 and ... more"Those are official prices no? Ok but why iphone 12 ,13 and ofcourse 14 pricing is so aggressive outside USA?"

                        Google is your friend

                        "Why are Apple Products so Expensive in other Countries?"


                        And now with current world situation war and all, it got even pricier, which is really bad!

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                          • 09 Sep 2022

                          İn Turkey ip 14 128 costs 1700 USD...

                            Those are official prices no? Ok but why iphone 12 ,13 and ofcourse 14 pricing is so aggressive outside USA?
                            600 for 12 and 13 it's a reasonable price, but what happens to Europe?
                            Even pixels which are not officially sell on most European countries, priced started to get better. Especially with 6 lineup.
                            But iphones are officially sell here...so?
                            ***I will appreciate if someone gives an answer but I know you will not!
                            Come on GSMArena be more social! :)
                            Ofcourse judging by the comments of some... it is difficult and sometimes futile for them to bother to answer

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                              • Maria
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                              • 09 Sep 2022

                              If we can smoothly use iPhone, at least for 10 years, does it sound cheap and cheaper?

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                                • 09 Sep 2022

                                Anonymous, 08 Sep 2022Be sure all these 4 devices will sell more than 40 million ... moreThere is no valid justification for price hike and i'm pretty confident the fragmentation about people having pill shape cutout iphone will be not swallowed out:-)

                                Basically having all others model behaving differently SOFTWARE-ly wise in iOS 16 :D what a Joke !

                                I knew before that there wouldn't be any usb type-C, even though the 13 and 12 should have it already ; but they prefer to put it on the 15, heh! they need some novelties I guess!
                                Always on display every from 12 to 13 should have it as well with some implementation for nor having too much battery drain (6 years already it's on Android)

                                I Don't like that i need dedicate cable for the iphone even though all my others device are USB type-C ; ( ligthning cable performance are massively below USB 3.0+ standard)

                                For that price : I prefer to take out 200e more and go back to Android and buy the Galaxy Z fold 4.
                                1612e for a Iphone 14 pro max 256go (still enforcing selling the 128 GB which almost no one want)!

                                They think they will have lot of buyer from Iphone 12 pro max : hahahah I'm selling that trashphone to buy the fold !
                                Will do same thing with my Mac pro M1 max

                                the sales in the US will be nice;-) worldwide I don't think so : can't wait to found out!

                                Euro currency value took a dipdive vs dollar and they increase the price :D whatamadness
                                (If people can go in Thailand would advice to go there to buy it small price increase too)

                                No RCS support also bothering me when i'm texting my friends , heck if you send video from Imessage to imessage they still make it look ugly, forced to use Icloud! I'm no sheep so i'm out of Apple ecosystem !

                                Never have been better than Cyanogen Android / lineage !
                                Lineage / on top of the line best Chinese phone or Samsung, Sony would take out lot of Apple fans!

                                Pro max was even really awkward to use with one hands operation !
                                - I did love apple but I hope you take a dipdive like the EURO!

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                                  • 09 Sep 2022

                                  Rosso, 08 Sep 2022Ah Apple, you are never going to change are you?Change? It is getting worser and worser every year. After oil companies, apple is the most greediest company out there.

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                                    • 09 Sep 2022

                                    Asphalt-nation, 08 Sep 2022As good as the new devices are (I'm referring to the P... moreAs much as I hate it, Apple is again turning themselves into a luxury only brand - an image they tried to shake off for years.

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                                      • 09 Sep 2022

                                      Anonymous, 08 Sep 2022Just more tech waste around the world...billions of it more... moreNokia Lumia 920 ❤️

                                        Anonymous, 08 Sep 2022yes it is...because inflation affects everything around glo... moreno
                                        the price is objectively not the same
                                        customers pay the difference so that Apple can win the same amount as past years
                                        that is the real problem, them trying to charge on the users the effects of the global recession