Apple iPhone 14 series, Apple Watch 8 and Watch SE now on sale

16 September 2022
The iPhone 14, 14 Pro and 14 Plus are now available in the first wave of countries, the 14 Plus is coming next month. The Apple Watch Ultra is coming next week.

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  • 7kp
  • 16 Sep 2022

What are the most valued functions that costliest phones provides than ordinary Android or an avarage priced phones do,please explain for understanding Thanks.

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    • UG4
    • 16 Sep 2022

    iPhone is affordable for the middle class in my country.

    Considering a bike = 10 iPhones
    A cheap car = 50 iPhones

    You can basically buy an iPhone outright with just one Month salary. Most people have tons of iPhones and flagship androids.. without even owning a car.

    The loan monthly payment of some high end cars here = 1 or 2 iPhones.

      As usual day one most sales will come from the Pro series(the series that has the most upgrades from previous generations 12 and below),and later on the cheaper iphone 14 will outsell all the others.

      The 14Plus especially in Europe is doomed to fail with its high price.

      I also expect many people in America to complain about the Esim only idea Apple had for US market, when not all carriers support Esim.

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        • PWD
        • 16 Sep 2022

        [deleted post]I saw the bill of materials for the 13 Pro, surpassed a Galaxy S21+ with identical price. So of course the 13 Pro is better in every respect. Also I haven’t recalled recent iPhones have serious failures

          [deleted post]You copy pasted this same comment to another Apple article too. How sad is that. You know that's called trolling

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            • 16 Sep 2022

            rizki1, 16 Sep 2022my god that Indian price, when they have a lot cheap phones... moreEven though Indian pricing is very high, Prices in Brazil and Turkey are even higher.

              [deleted post]IOS isn't that bad. At least it's still better than the crappy OS most Chinese manufacturers offer (that includes OxygenOS)

                Anonymous, 16 Sep 2022They don’t have the pros and the plus.. Guess this year ev... moreIt's an iPhone. Probably most desired smartphone model in the world. Only way to satisfy the demand would be to have entire required supply available on launch day. But we all know that's just impossible.

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                  • 16 Sep 2022

                  They don’t have the pros and the plus..
                  Guess this year everyone had pre ordered lol !
                  Where’s all this iPhones gone ?

                    Over one month wait for 14 Pro, that's crazy knowing how many they built them for this year already.

                      SShock, 16 Sep 2022Isn't this because of crazy tax India has on "lux... morethey have iphone factory there if I am not wrong but still sells expensive like this... I don't know if they made iphone 14.

                        rizki1, 16 Sep 2022my god that Indian price, when they have a lot cheap phones... moreIsn't this because of crazy tax India has on "luxury" products? Apple surely won't eat their profits because of some crazy tax India slaps on their stuff, so it's just added cost. Most Indian users probably can't afford iPhones anyway and those who can, if they want an iPhone they'll just have to pay this much. No one asks us European users about the absurdly high price of iPhones compared to US, but we have VAT on everything and there are a lot of Euro countries that don't have living standards of Germany, France and other modern well developed western countries.

                          my god that Indian price, when they have a lot cheap phones everywhere but iphone sells much more expensive for them than in other countries.