Sony Ericsson G705 surfaces, GPS and a 3 megapixel snapper on board

29 July, 2008
With just days from the official announcement of the three latest Walkmans, Sony Ericsson are making headlines again - this time with a slider...

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  • Anonymous

i'm from qatar and very happy to see that the phone language is arabic

  • SE + Nokia Fan

Satya, 29 Jul 2008No free maps, No wifi, No doc reader, No 30fps VGA rec. No 5mpx... moreSE has ALWAYS has BETTER and ELEGANT design than Nokia. N82? What a breakthrough design... It looks like a brick! Plain and boring... I'm myself is selling my N95 8GB and going back to SE...

  • Andy Burgin

Sony as just announced a Fall in Profits an the main reason its mobile business with Ericsson,there handsets used to have brilliant cameras on them with auto-focus on them but now there cameras have got worst instead of better,another thing the got to sort out with the slide mobiles is the keypads an relibility,they produce 3-4 hansets were the keypad scracked reacting to the paint they have used, an my mates just sent his W910i back as the sofware on it kept the phone breaking down

  • ADT

Satya, 29 Jul 2008No free maps, No wifi, No doc reader, No 30fps VGA rec. No 5mpx... morei guess you nokia boys should keep posting on your "side of town"
keep out of SE forums and posts , it will be a good phone , No commercial advertising , it says up , before posting here read carefully , so back off

  • ADT

beautifull phone , i expect it to be cheaper than it's competitors
. nice job SE , keep up the good work

  • xell

Satya, 29 Jul 2008No free maps, No wifi, No doc reader, No 30fps VGA rec. No 5mpx... moreIt actually has Wifi.

  • Anonymous


  • Satya

No free maps, No wifi, No doc reader, No 30fps VGA rec. No 5mpx cam...etc. Still cant beat N82.

  • slippery911

nice SE rocks.

  • MGC:)

it looks really weird, I'm mean, look how rectagular it is not even one curve is present, but I like it

  • Anonymous

The design is not bad, its different from other SE phones but the features I think its going to be almost the same as those previously announced SE phones.

  • synn

"Obviously, Sony Ericsson are turning their backs on xenon flashes, which they pioneered in the first place."

What a horribly inaccurate statement!

Have you guys forgotten about the C905 so soon? Who writes this stuff?

Think about it for a moment. The phone is targeted towards the business user. One who couldn't care less about taking pictures of fireflies at night.


Commence the usual complaining about the 3.5mm jack, the small screen, the 256k color depth, etc...

  • Dennis

what's wrong with SE designers? one crappy one after another.SE earnings results (just released today) proved that users are not too impressed with SE phones.

I used to be fan of Sony phones (before the merger with Ericsson). Now Sammy is KING!!! (although Sammy software is crap)

  • SE Fanboy

Attention: Sony Ericsson

This phone is beautiful but again fastport is located on the side.
If you cannot take away those fasports, please add a 3.5mm jack. So that we can have both options.

It's time for you to listen to your fans, otherwise you're going the "Motorola" way.


SE Fanboy

  • SE + Nokia Fan

GSMArena: is it G705 or G905? The tag under the pictures says G905... Anyway, nice new flat slider design... A bit boring keypad though...

  • Anonymous

OMG! A leakage after another and an announcement after another?! Man, the world of mobile phone is getting crazier and crazier by the minute! But were all loving it. Didn't we?!

  • Nee

yet again i don't think SE has learned from their mistakes still producing the same design dependent phones . highly impressed by SE w580 , not going to change the market

  • dan_musica

SE can't really keep their secret. so many phones leaked before its official announcement. and after being leaked, it'll be cancelled. like beibei, paris, n alicia. btw, this phone is really nice for me. its screen is big enough for me. has a photo light. a slider design. and a web oriented phone. too bad, it ain't UIQ. but it doesn't matter. can't wait for it...

  • Reevers

Seriously fugly phone!

  • a5ian300zx

Why do SE keep taking out pointless phones, the have the c905 and X1 which are one of the best phones from SE for a long-time and the rest are all very very similar phones. just start producing proper phones to compete with the rest of the manufacturers. i.e 16m colours, larger screens. - other than that love SE phones