Realme devices with Dimensity 1080 SoC coming this year

12 October 2022
The Dimensity 1080 is a 6nm chip with support for 5G and 200MP camera.

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  • 15 Oct 2022

AlexSpeedStar , 15 Oct 2022Why Mali G68 GPU and not Mali 70,75 or76 GPU. Naming is strange on Mali...
G57 and G77 are exactly the same cores...
Scaled from 1 to 6 cores, it's G57...
Over 7 cores, it's G77.
That's the same with G68 and G78
Or with G610 and G710.

That wasn't the case with G71, G72 or G76...
G76mp4 exists (on Helio G90T)
G78mp4 doesn't exist, it is called G68mp4.

Basically, G68 and G76 are Bifrost architecture...
G76 has 3 execution units of 8 lanes. 24 lanes per core.
G78/G68 have 2 execution units of 16 lanes. 32 lanes per some improvements on lanes.
At same frequency, G68 is more powerful than G76.

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    • 15 Oct 2022

    Why Mali G68 GPU and not Mali 70,75 or76 GPU.

      Super Android 22, 12 Oct 2022Decent list, few mistakes with placements though. Couple of... moreThanks for the compliment.
      You're not confusing it for the Kirin 9000, are you? The Kirin 990 is basically the same as the Kirin 980 but a revision. Since Huawei was blocked from using new technologies. And the QSD 855 always had some advantage over the Kirin chip, I think it comes down to the optimised drivers (for instance, Nintendo Wii performance is much better on Adreno than Mali).

      The QSD 778, 780, and the QC 7g1 and QC 7g1+ are flagship processors.
      They just aren't labelled/marketed as such, and if you compare them to the QC 8g1+ they might not look like flagships but then you see the QSD 865 and now you can agree they are. I'm trying to separate these chipsets based on performance and efficiency, and not the logo or name. Anandtech tested these and found them roughly equal to the QSD 860 chipset, which is a flagship processor (re-badged 855+). The QC 6g1 is a questionable placement, on-paper it should be close to the QC 7g1, but have no idea in-practice where it lies. I put it at the top of the 4/10 tier, but it might be on the bottom, will need some hands-on.

      I even demoted several "flagship" processors down into the midrange category. Such as the Exynos 1280. I was also contemplating to downgrading the entire 3/10-tier from flagships, as the 1/10-tier for midrange chips. The Exynos 9820 is pathetic and basically equal to the QSD 845 from previous year, and I think it's time I relegated the QSD 845 down to the midrange segment, since the leap to the QSD 855 was substantial.

      I didn't put any Nvidia chipsets because they're not in the Phone market anymore. But they are still playing around and innovating with the Tegra lineup. It's found on SBC and pricey, but they do run well for AI and Robotics. I also didn't include RockChip and other Chinese Silicon Manufacturers, but the Unisoc Tiger lineup has been getting good these days. I didn't have any Apple processors here, but I had to justify putting something in the top spot (10/10). The only one that qualifies is Apple. They're just that much better, which is possible when you throw that much money at the problem. I believe their spots are accurate, but they're running a much more optimised software. So it is not a fair comparison at all, and this code difference is why iPhones can have tiny batteries and still hold acceptable battery life whilst being fast.

      Now with the placement, I'm not sold on any idea. I could have placed them slightly wrong, but as a general look, it should be pretty accurate. Especially on the Midrange segment, there's just too many options. So it there's any other questionable ones please let me know : )

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        • 13 Oct 2022

        Anonymous, 13 Oct 2022MTK chips below snapdragons Means nothing!
        It depends which one you compare with which one.
        Qualcomm still release cortex A73 based soc (Snapdragon 680)

        I can add that today, not a single Snapdragon (even 8+ Gen 1) carries a AV1 hardware decoder.
        Many from Mediatek since years, Exynos 2100, 2200, Tensors, others from Amlogic, Rockchip, Broadcom, Realtek, Novatek have...
        Intel Core i Gen 12, GPU from Intel, AMD, NVDIA have...

        Get your obsolete streaming device with Snapdragon! All the industry already switched!

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          • 13 Oct 2022

          MTK chips below snapdragons

            Kangal, 12 Oct 2022Flagship Chipsets (fastest/better to worse/slower): 10/10 ... moreWhat is the basis for your ratings? Whats the source?

              Anonymous, 12 Oct 2022200mp races in 2023 here we gooooo🤣in 2024 there will be 300mp phase. and future entry level phones will use 108mp.

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                • 12 Oct 2022

                200mp races in 2023 here we gooooo🤣

                  Kangal, 12 Oct 2022Flagship Chipsets (fastest/better to worse/slower): 10/10 ... moreDecent list, few mistakes with placements though. Couple of apple chips too highly ranked, tensor 1 is way too highly ranked (it's 855-865) , kirin 990 is under ranked, 778 and 870 aren't flagship SoCs nor have gpu power or feature sets to keep up same for the 860.

                  Dimensity 1200/1300 too highly ranked aswell with the A14 being way too highly ranked, apples silicon only get about 10% better real world performance vs same gen Android SoCs which is basically not noticeable, my partners iPhone 13 with a15 is as quick as my find X5 with SD888 (gaming the iPhone will be better but locked to 60fps).

                  A15/16 on par with 8+ gen 1/8 gen 1, they shouldn't be on separate levels. Added too many mid range SoCs in to the flagship catagory aswell like ones stated above. Pretty good list though, nice seeing this level of info in comments for people.

                    Pierre sur internet, 12 Oct 2022They are releasing 40 models of smartphones per month !! ho... moreblame bbk for creating electronic waste

                      would it come with 1080p compact amoled display for the realme 10 pro? 6.3 would be fine

                        Flagship Chipsets (fastest/better to worse/slower):
                        10/10 = Apple A16, Apple A15,
                        9/10 = Apple A14, QC 8g+1, MTK d9000+, MTK d9000,
                        8/10 = MTK d8100, MTK d8000, MTK d1300, MTK d1200, Apple A13
                        7/10 = QC 8g1, QSD 888+, QSD 888, Exynos 2200, Exynos 2100, Tensor G2, Exynos 1080, MTK d1100, Tensor G1
                        6/10 = QSD 870, QSD 865+, QSD 865, MTK d1000+, MTK d1000, Kirin 9000, Exynos 990,
                        5/10 = QC 7g1+, QC 7g1, QSD 780, QSD 778,
                        4/10 = QC 6g1, QSD 860, QSD 855+, QSD 855, Kirin 990, Kirin 985, Kirin 980, MTK d820, MTK d800,
                        3/10 = Unisoc T770, Unisoc T760, Exynos 9825, Exynos 9820, QSD 845

                        Midrange Chipsets (fastest/better to worse/slower):
                        10/10 = MTK d1080, MTK d1050, Exynos 1280, QC 4g1
                        9/10 = Unisoc T740, Unisoc T710, QSD 695, QSD 768, QSD 750, QSD 690, QSD 765, Exynos 980, Exynos 880,
                        8/10 = MTK d920, MTK d900, MTK d930, Kirin 820, Kirin 810, Helio G99, QSD 720, QSD 732, QSD 730, QSD 712, QSD 710,
                        7/10 = MTK d810, MTK d700, MTK 720, QSD 670, QSD 480, QSD 660, QSD 678, QSD 675,
                        6/10 = Helio G96, Helio G95, Helio G90,
                        5/10 = Unisoc T700, Unisoc T618, Unisoc T616, Unisoc T612, QSD 680, QSD 636, QSD 665, QSD 662, Unisoc T610, Unisoc T606, Helio P95, Helio P90, Helio G88, Helio G85, Helio G80, Helio G70, Helio P65, QSD 460, QSD 632,
                        4/10 = Helio P70, Helio P60, Unisoc T310

                          Anonymous , 12 Oct 2022778g can support one 192mp and two 36 mp camera so I think ... more192mp doesn't mean 200 mp, it only mean 192 mp...

                            Very disappointing. Should have used Dimensity 8100 in 10 Pro+

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                              • 12 Oct 2022

                              778g can support one 192mp and two 36 mp camera so I think the 778g can support 200mp

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                                • 12 Oct 2022

                                Baddroid, 12 Oct 2022778G is better than this.778G probabbly unable to cooperate with 200 Mpix camera so it cant be better.
                                But all depends on user experience and how he or she wish to use their phone.

                                  They are releasing 40 models of smartphones per month !! how do you want to keep up?

                                    realme lover, 12 Oct 2022realme 10 pro + specs sheet confirmed. 200MP Camera + Di... moreMore than $400 price?

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                                      • 12 Oct 2022

                                      Whats to be hyped in this?

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                                        • 12 Oct 2022

                                        realme 10 pro + specs sheet confirmed.

                                        200MP Camera + Dimensity 1080